Sun Squares Nodes, Meets Moon (New Moon in Virgo) & Trines Saturn Rx – Sep 16/17

Wednesday, Sep 16, EST

At 8:53pm the Sun at 24:36 Virgo Squares the North Node at 24:36 Gemini.

Squares from the Nodes of Fate are strong and compelling. We need clarity around our health, work or service issues… maybe this ‘pandemic’ or related conditions exacerbated by the craziness of this year? Are we going to be all philosophical or think globally (South Node in Sagittarius) about these Virgo areas of life or will we keep things simple and apply things locally? We may be faced with simple issues like just finding a ride to work or gym. What we see is helping us to clarify our goals moving ahead. The North Node in Gemini has people leaving the cities (South Node in Sagittarius) to move to smaller towns (Gemini). Are you plans to do just that right now? You will see clearly which way your reality is shaping up, but there can be some heightened tension as you get clear about it.

Thursday, Sep 17

At 6:24am Mercury at 17:26 Libra Squares Jupiter Rx at 17:26 Capricorn.

Expansive communication that can feel like too much. Mercury wants to relate and Jupiter wants to philosophize. Mercury is focused on just keeping you on the phone while Jupiter wants to ponder the bigger issues. You may not be hearing each other at all. But it still feels good to have someone to talk to. Libra energy doesn’t really look at the benefits of relating… they just keep on relating (aka talking)… and so they find themselves ‘in’ a relationship. Jupiter is more of a nomad of relating and likes ‘relating-ships’ that aren’t so permanent in nature. Mercury wants the commitment right now, but Jupiter doesn’t require that. One of you may just jump of the phone once you realize you aren’t really on the same page. But it felt good for a while.

At 7:00am the Moon at 25:01 Virgo Conjuncts the Sun at 25:01 Virgo creating the Annual New Moon in Virgo.

We have already had the Full Moon in Virgo so the energy here is the reverse of the more linear construct which likes the New Moon in a Sign to be BEFORE the Full Moon. What this means is we finally get the ‘fresh start’ in the area of life where we have 25+ Virgo in our charts. If the Full Moon at 9:08 Aries on Oct 1 is our midpoint of this Lunar Cycle. Which means our new beginnings at work or around health and service will be contrasted with our own personal willpower and our need to relate. Still, this New Moon is the window when things actually start anew in the Virgo areas of life: work, health, fitness, service, volunteering, military service, daily activities and routine, food production, accounting, details and perfectionistic tendencies. Are you looking to start a new job, fitness routine or schedule a health appointment? These are all part of the next 2-4 weeks. Though we have had the Sun in Virgo for over 3 weeks now and have been looking at this area already.

At 1:00pm the Sun at 25:15 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 10:15 Taurus.

Unexpected clarity. Bizarre work situations, Philanthropy through service. Make an adjustment between your Virgo goals to your new ways to acquire resources and you will find the ease the Ses-Square promises. Uranus brings flashes of insight and inspiration. The Sun can see how to apply that to your work, health or daily routine. But an adjustment is needed to accommodate Uranus’s sudden insight. It is possible that someone in your social media network suggests a new job to you. And you jump on it, but you realize its going to change your daily routine quite a bit.

At 5:36pm the Sun at 25:26 Virgo Trines Saturn Rx at 25:26 Capricorn.

This aspect and the above are occurring simultaneously so the adjustment should be quite easily to make. Especially in ways that your new work or daily routine serves your career and social status objectives. You are able to see how a boss wants you to proceed. You can see your way to a successful next step around work and career. You can SEE how this feeling of restriction or taking it slow in the area of your life where you have 25+ Capricorn is serving you well in organizing your day for greater success in bringing home the bacon. Your work ethic is helping you to achieve that next career step.

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