Building to the Fall Equinox – Sep 21/22

Monday, Sep 21, EST, PM

At 9:12pm Venus at 17:32 Leo Quincunx Jupiter Rx at 17:32 Capricorn.

When the 2 Healing Planets meet in aspect, it rarely feels ‘hard.’ The Quincunx calls for an adjustment. Venus is out there seeking fun and romance. Jupiter is being the response-able, benevolent leader and mentor. You can probably guess which side of this aspect needs to adjust itself. Yes, you look beautiful and approachable for all sorts of fun, but will it feed your higher purpose? Does it fit with your spiritual philosophy for leadership and initiating structures that benefit everyone? Can you give up a bit of stardom for the greater good right now? Adjust yourself and your desires to be more responsible. Even if you forego some resources right now, you will be building foundations for your bread-winning, career objectives.

Tuesday, Sep 22, AM

At 3:34am Mercury at 23:56 Libra Trines the North Node at 23:56 Gemini.

Libra and Gemini are both Air Signs. And not too deep in their thinking. Mercury rules Gemini and the North Node Transiting through that Sign right now. So we are getting in touch with Soulful Gemini energies and realigning our priorities around community, early childhood learning and the sharing of information and ideas. Today we can easily communicate our ideas and plans to our friends and significant other. We are relating in a fair and balanced way. For the moment, anyway.

At 9:30am the Sun Ingresses Libra creating the Fall Equinox.

Fall Equinox, Sep 22, 9:30am (EST)

The start of a season is heralded by the Sun Ingressing a Cardinal (Initiating Energy) Sign: Aries/Spring Equinox; Cancer/Summer Solstice; and Capricorn/Winter Solstice as well as Fall today. In the Southern Hemisphere, the Seasons are flipped and this is their Spring Equinox.

The chart of the Equinox will influence us throughout the 90 day (approx) of the Fall Season. So looking at the chart will give us some insights into what is up ahead.

The Ascendant of the Chart changes with Time Zones, but for EST the ASC is at 22:43 Libra, almost exactly Square to Pluto Rx at 22:31 Capricorn. Don’t forget, the first Saturn/Pluto Conjunction occurred at 22:47 Capricorn on Jan 12. So that 22 degrees is a hotspot for some time to come. Mercury is Conjunct the ASC for EST and just Squared Pluto early Monday and now is applying to Saturn. For the Season, however, he is in orb of a Square to Jupiter, Pluto Rx and Saturn Rx as well as an Opposition to Mars Rx in Aries.

This ASC also places the Capricorn Stellium in the 3rd House of the chart. As all Scorpio Suns know, this is a powerful placement for all of this Transformative and Interpersonal energy. It is happening in the physical world… right before our eyes! It is not something that can be avoided! Yes, I am a Scorpio Sun. Mercury Square Pluto is suspicion, duality showing us the shadow-side of things. It is all an illusion, but a compelling one.

Mars Rx is also Square the Capricorn Stellium and Opposite Mercury. There is aggression coming to a head in this Season. But BML is Conjunct Mars right now and that could provide some helpful actions that are 5D. And Squares with BML are actually 5th Dimensional as well. So there could be some helpful energy here if you tap into it.

Both Mercury and Mars Rx (along with BML) are making helpful aspects to the Node of Fate. So action within your community that supports the global good as well, will be helpful. Align your words with your actions for the best effect.

Looking at this Season in the US:

Fall Equinox (inside) with US Natal Chart (outside)

Take the above information of the Equinox add in the US’s Natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer and Natal Chiron at 20+ Aries and we have a rather painful potential here as a war of words and a ‘war’ period. Though it would be easy to assume this is a ‘Civil War’ in some respects, most would be missing the ‘open enemies’ side of the Capricorn Stellium to the US’s Cancer Sun. The North Node is in the US’s 12th House by Sun Sign bringing in ‘hidden enemies’ as well. Keep your eye on the ball to rise above the duality and seek the highest ideals. Those ideals that are attributed to Uranus/Aquarius as we are wrapping up all the hidden aspects of the Age of Pisces and moving completely into the Age of Aquarius by year’s end (with some challenges likely ahead at the US’s Pluto Return).

Keep these values and ideals in mind: Freedom, Equality, Universal good, Communal and Philanthropic good, etc. All Aquarian ideals.

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