Quarter Moon & Saturn Quintile Chiron – Sep 23-25

Wednesday, Sep 23, EST, PM

At 9:55pm the Moon at 1:27 Capricorn Squares the Sun at 1:27 Libra creating the Waxing Quarter Moon.

This is exacting as I write this. Hmmm… Capricorn is my 3rd House of communication by Sun Sign so that is about right. The Sun is in Libra, my 12th House of subconscious. The Sun reminded me that I had written my post yet today. What are you seeing about your ego need to relate (Sun in Libra) and your feelings of power and social status (Moon in Capricorn)?

Thursday, Sep 24

At 6:53am Mercury at 26:37 Libra Opposes Mars Rx at 26:37 Aries.

Mercury is in Phase 1, Shadow, of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. So what we say today could come up for review down the road. With this aspect our plans and ideas around relating and relating-ships is contrasted with our own willpower and need to act for ourselves. Self in relationship with another is what we are weighing as our mental mind moves to relate, but our body moves to stay solo.

Friday, Sep 25

At 11:40am Saturn Rx at 25:21 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron Rx at 7:21 Aries.

This aspect has been applying for the last 2 weeks, but the exact aspect will reveal the real message of the aspect. A 5D aspect between Saturn and Chiron is very healing and helpful. A 3D aspect between these 2 is a ‘heartbreak transit’. So if things feel a bit bittersweet, it is you being able to see how your Karma and your Soul Wounding allow you to play in this human experience. Saturn is in his own Sign and helping initiate structures. Chiron has us challenged around motivation and the way we assert ourselves. Today you can put aside any Karmic fears and ACT in true Aries style.

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