Mercury Enters Scorpio & Magical Desires – Sep 27

Sunday, Sep 27, EST

At 3:40am Mercury Ingresses Scorpio.

Mercury is already in Phase 1 of his Retrograde cycle. In this Phase 2 he makes the 1st pass to 25:54 Libra to 11:40 Scorpio. In Libra, Mercury was trying to be fair and balanced in his communication style. He was thinking a lot about relating to others and being in a relating-ship. Now as he enters Scorpio, he will be more intense in his communication and looking to get to the bottom of things. Is there real intimacy, transparency and honesty in his relating-ships? What is the motivation for even BEING in a relating-ship? Does it have to be a huge commitment or is honesty more important? We can expect the headlines to be more suspicious of peoples’ motivations and to be probing for the REAL answer rather than the surface answer. Mercury will Station Retrograde on Oct 13 and the review of these ideas, concepts and agreements will begin.

At 7:12am Venus at 23:45 Leo Biquintiles Jupiter Rx at 17:45 Capricorn.

What a lovely, effortless and magical aspect. Our sense of fun and romance is working to support our leadership philosophy. Leaders may be seeking out more humorous ways to show they care. Or women will find they can hold power, be good leaders and still interact with children and romantic partners with ease. Our desire to be the center of attention could be the ticket to a new leadership position.

At 7:51am Venus at 23:46 Leo Sextiles the North Node at 23:46 Gemini.

Here our sense of fun and/or desires around children are supporting our lessons around what should our early childhood learning involve? Can we be more creative in our communities and schools? Does fun play a role in learning? We may find someone in our neighborhood finds us approachable because of our way with children.

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