3-Way of Venus, Mars & Saturn; Saturn Stations Direct – Sep 28/29

Monday, Sep 28, EST

At 4:23pm Venus at 25:20 Leo Quincunx Saturn Rx at 25:20 Capricorn.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way aspect involving Venus, Mars and Saturn. Planetary energies during Stations is very potent and Saturn is ready to Station Direct here. But Venus exacts her aspect just prior. There is an adjustment needed between our fun, romance, children or creativity and our public responsibility. Or our beauty may be getting in the way of our appearing as a public authority. Or a lack of resources could be keeping us from enjoying all the success in our career that we would like.

At 9:01pm Venus at 25:34 Leo Trines Mars Rx at 25:34 Aries.

This is the easiest part of this 3-way aspect. And it might just trip you up by tomorrow evening. You are motivated to act on your desires for fun. You may be spending more than you anticipated, but the energy has you moving forward regardless. Men and women are getting along well here. Or your own male and female energies are in a state of ease with each other. If you act quickly, you might just get away with the fun Saturn made you feel a bit guilty about. Is it truly better to ask for forgiveness than for permission? This 3-way aspect will bear out that truth or not.

Tuesday, Sep 29

At 1:11am Saturn at 25:20 Capricorn Stations Direct.

In Retrograde, a Planet’s energies are minimized and with Saturn Rx we can be unsure of the boundaries we should be enforcing with Saturn in Capricorn. Now that he is Direct, we will finalize all of our sense of boundaries in career, government, banks and countries. We will begin finalizing the structures we have been reviewing since Feb 3. There have been many changes to our governmental structures since that time.

At 4:44pm the Sun at 7:09 Libra Opposes Chiron Rx at 7:09 Aries.

When Sun and Chiron meet, gratitude is always the best expression. The Sun allows us to see things clearly and in real-time. Chiron in Aries has us feeling insecure, afraid to assert ourselves, worried about our first impressions, struggling with remembering peoples’ names and lacking motivation. The Sun in Libra is offering a mirror to ourselves so we can more clearly see the purpose of our Transiting Soulful wounding so we can find ways to better relate to others.

At 5:49pm Mars Rx at 25:20 Aries Squares Saturn at 25:20 Capricorn.

This is Part 3 of the 3-way aspect and the hardest one. Mars is our ‘go’ energy and Saturn is our ‘cautious’ energy. In a Square, the seriousness can stop us in our tracks. So if you were passionately pursuing your desires last night, you may find some new boundary that needs to be adhered to. Whatever it is, it will be beneficial to slow down and consider your public reputation and/or some authority in your life.

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