Pluto Stationed Direct – Oct 4-6

Sunday, Oct 4, EST

At 1:55am Mercury at 6:57 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 6:57 Aries.

Some adjustment needed to be made around our intimate or sharing communication and our insecurity. Its possible you also didn’t have the motivation to make the call or send the text that would have secured some passionate response.

At 9:33am Pluto at 22:29 Capricorn Stationed Direct.

Pluto Retrograde is less strong that Pluto Direct. So that a-hole that has been dogging you is likely to be feeling ready to initiate (Capricorn) some structural changes for you. Now all 3 of the Planets in Capricorn are Direct and will be bringing us through the complete financial restructuring of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction via a global, benevolent leader with the last Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction that exacts on Nov 12. Pluto will not be returning to 22 Capricorn for another 248 years. But he still has 3 more Oppositions to the US Mercury at 24+ Cancer. Our seen/conscious world is still undergoing Transformation.

At 2:32pm Mercury at 7:24 Scorpio Ses-Squared the North Node at 22:24 Gemini.

Now if you want to communicate your passion, you just need to adjust your thoughts someone to create an ease. The NN is a Soulful point and Mercury is a Karmic energy. Adjust yourself Soulfully to enjoy the ease of this aspect. You may be communicating with a classmate or neighbor or discussing some shared resource situation as well.

Monday, Oct 5

At 10:54am Venus at 3:13 Virgo Ses-Squares Jupiter at 18:13 Capricorn.

The 2 Healing Planets are adjusting something in order to enjoy the ease offered by the Ses-Square. Venus in Virgo desires to serve and stay busy. Jupiter can really amp up that desire, but you also need to keep your eye on the prize. So adjust your leadership practices to delegate more so that you are being a wise manager.

Tuesday, Oct 6

At 8:03am Venus at 4:15 Virgo Quintiles the North Node at 22:15 Gemini.

This is a 5D/magical aspect that involves your desires to serve and your local community and communications within your community. Your can express your desires easily and effortlessly. You can attract volunteers to assist you. Or you may simply find that service is of benefit to your neighbors and want to do more.

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