Mercury Opposite Uranus & The Great Awakening – Oct 7

This weeks has 2 big aspects that are sure to create some ruckus within you and within relating-ships and groups of people: 1) Mercury Opposite Uranus on Wednesday, Oct 7, 4:55pm EST; and 2) Mars Rx Square Pluto on Friday morning, 9:09am.

At 4:55pm on Wednesday Mercury at 9:37 Scorpio Opposes Uranus Rx at 9:37 Taurus.

Unexpected expressions of all types. Inspired ideas. Shocking words. Sudden words. Desire to share resources or share your own resources. Unexpected desires to merge with another. Shocking headlines in the news. The Great Awakening expressed and seen. Sudden revelation expressed.

For the US specifically, this aspect is likely to bring shocking headlines around sex trafficking (and worse) of children (Scorpio is US’s 5th House of children by Sun Sign and 11th House by Rising Sign). Groups of pedophiles is literally 11th House in Scorpio on a 3D level. On a 5D level, of which Trump is playing via a Finger of Merlin in his Natal Chart with nozzle into Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, this is radical (Uranus) transparency of corruption around sex with children (Scorpio, ruled by Pluto, as 5th House of children, groups are 11th House).

What has been ‘underground’ Pluto/Scorpio in 3D, is brought to light, 11th House ruled by Uranus, the Awakener. And as Jupiter applies to Conjunct Pluto for the 3rd and final time, justice will served as we also seek to reconcile the duality within us that existed throughout the 2000 years of the Age of Pisces. So much could be said here. But my mission is to express the Planetary energies so that you can FEEL them for yourself and accept the awareness. That way YOU are operating in 5D. If I tell you the conclusions of the energies, you are in 4D at best. If you are worried about what lies ahead, you are in 3D and want unrealistic assurance but likely wouldn’t trust my words anyway;)

Though NO ONE on this loop is in 3D!! You wouldn’t have found me otherwise! You have a 5D aspect going on or you have some 5D energies in your Higher Mind Planets in order to have found me ahead of the Great Awakening of this year and the next.

In the 2000 years of the Age of Pisces, our human experience was around ‘good and evil’ and we were ‘made in the image of God.’ In other words, as our thoughts created our reality, if our thoughts were in 3D, we were creating the ABSOLUTE VALUE of anything we ‘valued’ to create. In other words, we were creating in Duality. The Law of Attraction is a 3D concept. You practice trying to manifest what you ‘want or plan’ and in doing so you are creating the positive and negative of your ‘idea’ at the same time. The minute you get what you want/planned, you have to face the Karma (opposite value) that you created too!!

And this post IS part of the Mercury Opposite Uranus aspect to discuss the TRUTH (Uranus) of Karma (Mercury). As the Zombie Apocalypse begins in earnest, you MUST realize that these ‘evil’ people who were taking part in the trafficking and Satanic Ritual Abuse, were part of the Duality we created over the 2000 years of the Age of Pisces. Now let that sink in. For I am delivering/expressing some of the shocking, unexpected, bizarre revelation of Uranus who rules the Age of Aquarius, which is upon us as we RESOLVE the HIDDEN KARMA of the Age of Pisces, ruled by Neptune.

NOTE: The Zombie Apocalypse is the falling away of our 3D projections which will not be needed in the Age of Aquarius. These are not ‘real Souls’… only 3D mirrors we created without most of us knowing how we did so.

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