Jupiter Sextiles Neptune – Oct 12

Monday, EST

At 3:06am Jupiter at 18:45 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune Rx at 18:45 Pisces.

This is the 3rd and Final Sextile between these 2 Planets: Feb 20; Jul 27 and today. So we need to get clear on the message they are sending. Both are Higher-Mind Planets, but in combination they can create too much subconscious energy that it is difficult to manage. The Sextile is far more productive than a 3D Square, so we have some helpful things coming from this aspect.

Jupiter in Capricorn has been helping us create a leadership philosophy that determines a ‘preferred style’ of leadership. Jupiter is benevolent and Capricorn is the Sign of authority, career, politics, government, banks, corporations. On the world stage, where Jupiter plays, is there a leader that seems to embody a proactive, optimistic approach to things? Capricorn initiates structures and foundations of systems. Who is doing this well? Who has accomplished many things? Jupiter rules legal matters, though it is a lower vibration than that of getting things in place to provide abundance.

Neptune in Pisces is helping us to see that we are all connected and need to operate with his highest vibration of unconditional love. The Sextile with Jupiter’s optimism can make this easier to do. In fact, the optimism just feels good and we may not recognize this aspect easily. It is a sort of ‘wind beneath my wings’ type of feeling.

We are wrapping up the Age of Pisces at this time and this aspect has been part of the dredging up of hidden matters to be dealt with in a spiritual and/or newer, improved way.

At 12:38pm Mercury at 11:34 Scorpio Sextiles Venus at 11:34 Virgo.

A productive aspect for communicating our desires to serve and/or share resources and intimacy with someone. If you are talking financial matters, Venus is keeping a detailed account of expenditures and Mercury is mindful that he must maintain honesty in his dealings with her. Otherwise communications are productive and desirable.

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