Magic Between the Sexes & Illumination Around Authority & Integrity – Oct 15

Thursday, EST

At 3:12am Venus at 14:39 Virgo Biquintiles Mars Rx at 20:39 Aries.

A 5D/Magical aspect between men and women or our own male/female energies. Effortless acquisition of our passions and motivations. We want to serve and have the ability to ‘act’ in ways that make that service magical. We can initiate effortlessly around acquisition of resources or keeping track of our resources. Or our fitness and work routine just ‘gels’ and we get so much accomplished.

At 6:15am the Sun at 22:31 Libra Squares Pluto at 22:31 Capricorn.

The Sun brings clarity around all areas it touches. It illuminates. The Sun in Libra is doing a mammoth job of showing us how Libran energies have been impacting ourselves (Libra’s axis with Aries which rules the self) and our own use of power, honesty, transparency and integrity (Pluto’s highest vibration). This all corresponds to political circles because Capricorn rules politicians and public authorities. For instance: what will be brought up in the Amy Coney Barrett Hearings today? Libra rules balancing and weighing the pros and cons.

However, I’m going to use this aspect to discuss a bit more of the entire dynamic of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Astrology surrounding it. If you have any Libra Sun friends and family, or Libra Rising friends and family, they are MOST afraid of the virus. Many will tell you they have had ‘family’ members die of COVID. That is because Pluto is Transiting their 4th House of ‘family’ by Sun Sign and that brings up death of family. Misuse of authority (Pluto in Capricorn) is labeling these deaths as such without any true transparency because family members were not allowed to see their loved ones as they were dying.

All REAL Baby Boomers (those with Natal Neptune in Libra) have Pluto Transiting their generational 4th House of family. And the 20-somethings, the Era of the Transformers, have Pluto Transiting their generational 1st House of self and many ARE the misusers of authority as they have lost their foundations in life to the lockdown and have taken to the streets.

China is a Libra country. And communism, unions and all these ‘groups’ of consensus who don’t like their narrative to be challenged, are being very challenged right now around the ideas they have adopted. See if you can find your way through what is going on using the Planetary energies so that you can accept each groups’ position and truly help them to see the TRUTH… we need TRANSPARENCY, HONESTY and INTEGRITY restored to our halls of power and authority. And THAT lesson begins with each of us. Pluto is challenging each of us to take back our personal sovereignty and not to bow to abusive power. THAT is Pluto in Capricorn in 5D. Their power is an illusion that is rekindling your OWN power!! Take that to the bank… because the banks are Capricornian entities and Plutocracies.

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