New Moon in Libra – Oct 16

At 3:31pm the Moon at 23:53 Libra Conjuncts the Sun at 23:53 creating the Annual New Moon in Libra.

Libra is the Sign of relationship/relating-ships, balance, serenity, consensus and commitment. Libras want everyone to get along or at least to BEHAVE as if they are. In the midst of all of the madness of 2020 (with Saturn/Pluto Conjunction transforming all of our career and public structures), diplomacy has been seriously lacking in many countries. But probably more so in the US as Transiting Pluto has been Opposing the US’s Natal Mercury.

To help this monthly ‘fresh start’ energy along, the Sun and Moon are Trine the North Node in Gemini, Sextile to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Biquintile to Neptune Rx in Pisces. So that is very helpful energy to get some support in our relating with others.

When the Sun and Moon are Conjunct, our feelings and our ego are in sync. We can set clear goals that support our private and public sides of our lives. So this is the month to focus on where your relating-ships are going and how you feel about being in a ‘relating-ship’ with someone or not.

As for the Eclipse cycle we are in, the Sun will soon be Ingressing Scorpio very near the Quarter Moon and Trine to the Jun 21 Solar Eclipse at 0:21 Cancer. So we are halfway through the current Eclipse cycle and should be wrapping up some of the promise of that Solar Eclipse.

The next Eclipse cycle begins on Nov 30 with a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8:38 Gemini. This will be followed by a New Moon Solar Eclipse on Dec 14 at 23:08 Sagittarius.

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