Magic, Response-Ability & Subconscious Touch – Oct 18

At 12:02am Mercury Rx at 10:32 Scorpio Quintiles Pluto at 22:32 Capricorn.

Mercury has been in orb of this Quintile with Pluto from his first exact Quintile on Oct 9 and during his Retrograde Station through today. That has helped us with authority types as Mercury wades in Pluto’s depths as he rules Scorpio. Rather than suspicion, there has been effortless communication around motivations of politicians and those in power. You can express yourself honestly and transparently while these 2 make this magical aspect.

At 9:58am the Sun at 25:39 Libra Squares Saturn at 25:39 Capricorn.

The Sun is separating from the Square to Pluto which offered us insight into our relating-ships with people who have some ‘power’ (perceived or real) over us. Now the Sun Square Saturn will show us if we have been response-able to our own use of power and being accountable to sound authority. Are the boundaries we have set between our significant relationships and our public persona of benefit to both areas of life? Saturn can feel restrictive but his true purpose is to slow us down so we build foundations that last. As Saturn separates from Pluto, we are through the hardest energy of 2020… the transformation of our public structures, careers, authority and shared resources.

At 10:49am Venus at 18:37 Virgo Opposes Neptune Rx at 18:37 Pisces.

Through the next week, Venus will make 7 aspects from 18-25 Virgo: Opposite Neptune, Quincunx Mars, Trine Jupiter, Square the Nodes of Fate, Trine Pluto, Ses-Square Uranus and Trine Saturn. If you watch your desires, resources, values and beauty this week, you may recognize how each of the other Planets affects these Venus energies differently.

Opposing Neptune is a great way to start this line-up. Virgo externalizes Pisces/Neptune energies so the desires and values we serve around today will demonstrate how we feel about things from the depths of our subconscious. This is a ‘hard’ aspect but it mostly shows a contrast. We can desire to ‘avoid’ work or touch or we may find that we actually touch more and we might be able to understand why that is. Are our desires around health causing us to avoid people? Do we have a deep understanding that someone needs our touch right now? This is some of the ways this energy will play out.

Is someone you love is avoiding you, understand it is not a conscious thought they are having and may not even be aware they are doing such a thing.

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