Karmic Challenge, Magic & Ease – Oct 20/21

Tuesday, Oct 20, EST

At 4:34pm Venus at 21:18 Virgo Squares the North Node at 21:18 Gemini.

When a Planet is Square the Nodes of Fate there is an acute focus on HOW you are expressing that Planet’s energies based on the Karmic Squares of the 2 Signs involved: Virgo and Gemini/Sagittarius. The North Node in Gemini has us Soulfully weighing up our thought processes, our reasoning abilities and knowledge acquired from early childhood learning, K-!2, local community, rumor mill, etc. Gemini forms a natural Karmic Square to Virgo/Pisces axis. This Square means that we ‘test’ our thought processes through our Virgo areas of life: health, fitness, work, daily routine and practices, service and duty. If you aren’t healthy, what thought process is partly to blame? If you don’t enjoy your work, how is your local community shaping your lifestyle? Add Venus’s ‘values’ to the mix and you can see how what you value is derived from your childhood learning or not. Is your ability to acquire resources through work and service at odds with your thought processes? It all seems pretty deep for Venus, but the NN IS Soulful and can bring up big ideas when across the axis of intellect and knowledge.

Wednesday, Oct 21, AM

At 4:55am Black Moon Lillith Ingresses Taurus.

Now BML is a Mathematical point calculated by the Sun and Moon positions so it doesn’t orbit, but rather moves in a fixed state. BML spends 8 months in each Sign and has been in Aries since Jan 27. BML is a our ‘Superhero Power’ or a point that gives us some 5D/Magical ability in our Natal Chart. In Transit, it brings us opportunities for some x-ray vision in that Sign. So in Taurus, BML will give us some sentient awareness of animals, ability to effortlessly achieve some resources or earn a living easily. BML in Taurus will also help us refine our ‘values’ in a more 5D manner. Most angst with BML in Transit comes from her passage through our 12th House or Pisces where we are permeable to everyone else’s subconscious fears and energies. If Taurus is your 12th House (as it is mine) you can expect some sleepless nights. Ugh! Let’s see if we can detect her Transit through Taurus. She will certainly amplify Uranus’ energies as she Conjuncts him on Dec 23.

At 11:33am Mercury Retrograde at 7:43 Scorpio Quintiles Jupiter at 19:43 Capricorn.

Mercury has had a big line-up the last few days with a Quintile to Pluto, Opposition to Uranus on Monday night and now this Quintile. Mercury in Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and wants to get to the very bottom of peoples’ motivations around intimacy and shared resources. The Hunter Biden story is indicative of Mercury’s last few aspects. Blackmail can make people sacrifice their integrity (Pluto/Scorpio’s highest vibration). What is their motivation for this? Jupiter is in Capricorn and has been teaching us about benevolent power and sound leadership styles. Now Mercury can express how far off the mark of integrity Hunter’s actions have been in the light of Jupiter right now. It is necessary for people to SEE (Mercury) this point as Jupiter applies to his 3rd and final Conjunction with Pluto in the Sign of power, politics, governments and authority. Mercury is expressing some of Jupiter’s lessons today. Jupiter rules legal matters that we can SEE (Mercury) through the lens of our leadership philosophy. Is Hunter the only one who has been corrupted in this way…? Not likely. That is the overall effect of Jupiter’s Conjunctions to Pluto… that corruption be dealt with by choosing benevolent leaders with integrity. This 5D aspect elevates Mercury out of his lower, double-mindedness where duality is reconciled through spiritual applications (Jupiter).

At 4:30pm Mercury Rx at 7:30 Scorpio Semi-Squares Venus at 22:30 Virgo.

An irritation of what we SEE in our intimate and financial dealings today and our value around being of service and looking fit. The other aspects surrounding this one will likely negate any hard energy.

At 5:42pm Venus at 22:34 Virgo Trines Pluto at 22:34 Capricorn.

Now the ease comes in between our desires to serve and our use of power and sharing of resources. We can touch and merge, physically or financially, with ease. The Trine is a Transitional aspect you can ride from 3D to 5D energy if you use it. For the time being, all power is expressing itself with integrity, honesty and transparency. And maybe fear of ‘illness’ and social touch will subside.

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