Vesta Into Virgo; Sun into Scorpio & the Quarter Moon – Oct 22/23

Thursday, Oct 22, EST

At 3:54am Vesta Ingresses Virgo.

Vesta is an Asteroid/Dwarf Planet named after the Vestal Virgins. She represents who we spiritually feel at home with. Who is our tribe. While she was in Leo, we may have found ourselves with romantic partners, entertainers, artists or children. Now this will shift to Virgo and we could find ourselves feeling more comfortable with healthcare workers, co-workers, first-responders, police, military types and the like. In the US, Trump has been talking about the military delivering the ‘vaccine’ (really the cure/therapeutics) and they will be around the country. This is a great Transit for their presence to provide comfort.

At 5:10am Mars Rx at 18:33 Aries Semi-Sextiles Neptune Rx at 18;33 Pisces.

A productive, though minor, aspect that supports our actions and our ability to assert ourselves without hesitation. Mars has cleared his Squares with the Capricorn Stellium so we will have a bit less angst as he pulls into his Direct Station on Nov 13 at 15:14 Aries.

At 5:46pm Mercury Rx at 6:20 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 21:20 Gemini.

Mercury rules the North Node Transiting his own Sign of Gemini. But still our conscious mind needs to adjust itself to the Soulful perspective of the NN. It isn’t about Karma right now. It is about seeing more than the duality and separation consciousness of our 3D mind. We need to SEE how our mirrors are a part of ourselves in order to grasp our Soul’s perspective.

At 6:59pm the Sun Ingresses Scorpio.

The next 30 days will be far more intense than the previous 30 days as the Sun was in Libra. We will be seeing down to the roots of various issues. We will start to look for peoples’ motives and our own as well. Integrity will be spotlighted and honesty should be applied. The Sun will meet Mercury Rx on Sunday, Oct 25 and we can expect to see clearly the challenges we are facing.

At 9:34pm Mercury Rx at 6:09 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 6:09 Aries.

An adjustment between our ideas around intimacy and shared resources to our point of wounding in asserting ourselves or motivation to do anything. Someone could say something that makes us feel insecure or vice versa. Or we may just decide not to pursue some investigation (Scorpio) into certain matters from lack of motivation. We can have lying eyes and see the thing we are afraid we will see.

At 11:04pm Venus at 24:20 Virgo Ses-Squares Uranus Rx at 9:02 Taurus.

Venus rules Uranus as he Transits her Sign of Taurus so there is plenty of desires, values, resources and earned income energy in this aspect. In Virgo, Venus desires to stay busy and to be of service. In Taurus, Uranus has been inspiring philanthropy and just giving away some of our own resources. He is also trying to equalize resources universally. Venus is busy working to earn a living, but should adjust her desires to be more philanthropic and giving rather than just working. Adjust some of your daily routine to obtain the ease.

Friday, Oct 23

At 9:34am the Moon at 0:36 Aquarius Squares the Sun at 0:36 Scorpio creating the Waxing Quarter Moon.

Just prior to this Quarter Moon, the Sun Trined the Jun 21st Solar Eclipse degree of 0:21 Cancer. We have through most of this goals and fresh start of this Eclipse cycle so things have begun to take shape. If you moved into a new home as part of that Eclipse, you are likely beginning to enjoy your new place and things are settling down on the home front.

This Quarter Moon will have us considering our social needs now that we have ‘nested’. Moon in Aquarius is a social feeling. You feel the need to circulate. So the next week is about accomplishing something in that area of life whether through online socializing or in-person.

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