3-Way of Sun, Mercury Neptune at the Inferior Conjunction – Oct 24-26

Saturday, Oct 24, EST

At 11:40am Venus at 25:52 Virgo Trines Saturn at 25:52 Capricorn.

As ease between our love of service and our public accountability to career and social status. Or you are keeping track of your finances to report to some authority. Or your desire to work is assisting you in achieving some new career goals. Saturn has passed this degree 3 times now so something may have been in the work over the last 8 months and is bearing fruit. Or perhaps you no longer need to wear a mask at work and that allows your smile to be seen.

Sunday, Oct 25

At 1:16am Mercury Rx at 3:30 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:30 Pisces.

This is Part 1 of a 3-way with Mercury, Sun and Neptune that involves the Inferior Conjunction of Sun and Mercury as well. Powerful energy to SEE what is REAL over the next few days. And to speak your goals clearly and express exactly what they are. Neptune adds the 90% of our collective unconscious mind to the Conjunction of Sun and Mercury. So EVERYTHING is on the table. And as Mercury is in Scorpio (along with the Sun), we will be SEEING to the bottom of peoples’ motivations, ethics and integrity, or lack thereof. The Ses-Square here is helping Mercury incorporate some far deeper, Higher-Mind energy, to elevate him above his 3D mindset and into bigger realms.

As we are ending/wrapping up the Age of Pisces, this aspect may reveal FAR MORE than you even imagined (Neptune/Pisces) to be SEEN by everyone. Adjust your lower mind, Mercury, to receive from the repository of ALL human experience, aka the godhead, Neptune.

We can likely expect some headlines that reflect the shadowside (Scorpio) of our human experience. A side that only Scorpio/Pluto energy tends to bring to light. Scorpio is the US’s 5th House of children by Sun Sign. There is likely to be some storylines of children who have been ‘sex trafficked’ throughout Age of Pisces. And worse. This is the unseen side of our 3D, good and evil experience during the Age of Pisces. Nothing is real. It is all just holographic Planetary energies so reconcile the duality of the Age of Pisces to awaken into the Age of Aquarius… 5D.

At 2:23pm the Sun at 2:48 Scorpio Conjuncts Mercury Rx at 2:48 Scorpio.

One of only 6 days each year (typically) where our lower/conscious/3D mind (Mercury) is in sync with reality/real-time (Sun). As Mercury is in Retrograde motion, this is called their Inferior Conjunction. It is the seeding time of the next approximately 165-day cycle between both Planets. Sun helps us see things clearly so we can set new goals. Mercury Conjunct the Sun helps us plan to meet those goals. But the challenge to maintain these ideas as Mercury separates from the Sun’s clarity, is where Mercury can trip us up. Use your Higher Mind Planets to accomplish your truth. However, Neptune right now is providing that element even to Mercury.

Monday, Oct 26

At 6:34am the Sun at 3:28 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:28 Pisces.

Whatever subconscious, hidden things, in the human experience appear over these few days, you may need to adjust your goals a tad as a result. The Sun shines light into Neptune’s shroud of fog showing us more about how Neptune is morphing our reality and eroding our old ways… our old Age of Pisces constructs. A new reality is being birthed and these few days are very defining.

As Sun and Mercury are in Pluto’s Sign of Scorpio, what we see or hear or write or think will cause us to move into greater integrity (Pluto’s highest vibration) of thoughts and words.

The Sun will carry this clarity over into the Full Moon in Taurus on Saturday, Oct 31, offering us a ‘fresh start’ in the areas of money (yours and ours) and our values and integrity.

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