Mercury Rx & Venus Change Signs – Oct 27

At 9:33pm Mercury Retrograde Ingresses Libra.

Mercury leaves Scorpio, the Sign of intensity and intimacy, and re-enters Libra where he will seek to be more balanced and reciprocal, though superficial as well. Libras know how to relate so this energy will have us reviewing and revising our ability to relate to others. Libra likes the exchange to be equal and balanced. They do not like disagreement, however, so we will be looking to ‘get along’ more now than we were while Mercury was in Scorpio. Mercury will Station Direct at 12:59pm on Nov 3 (Election Day in the US) at 25:54 Libra.

China is a Libran country. Communism is the furthest extension of a Libran energy that is very 3D. Libras like to join Unions because it is where they all can achieve ‘consensus’ and agreement. But those in power can easily manipulate these tendencies of Libra energies and we have that playing out on the world stage at the moment. Mercury will Station Direct in a close orb of a Square to the US’s Natal Mercury at 24+ Cancer with Pluto at 22+ Capricorn. This will create a T-Square of energy that pours into 22-25 Aries, the Sign of self and aggression. The ‘rioting and looting’ is likely to start up again as we near that date. And as the headlines of continue to reveal the corruption of the Democratic/Liberal/Libran party. When there is no consensus, the Libran energy can turn against themselves through Aries aggression. Words will not likely remain very civil around his Station. But in 5D, it is all just an illusion of the 3D mind. Don’t buy into the ‘duality’ of it. Wait for the next week as Jupiter applies in earnest to Conjunct Pluto and things will take on a far more positive, benevolent mindset.

At 9:37pm Mercury Rx at 29:59 Libra Semi-Sextiles Venus at 29:59 Virgo

As he moves into Libra, Venus is just barely still in Virgo. At the Anaretic (or critical) last degree of Virgo, she is expressing the Quintessential energy of Virgo: service. Mercury is also on the Anaretic degree of Libra which is balance. The Semi-Sextile will make our words and our heart’s desires work productively together. And is likely to continue as Venus changes Signs.

At 9:41pm Venus Ingresses Libra.

From today through Nov 21 Venus will be Transiting through a Sign she rules, Libra. She will be emphasizing this Libran energy in beautiful ways. You will want to show your love for friends and partners. You will be diplomatic and refined in all of your dealings with those you value. Ways of acquiring the resources we need will come from using diplomacy, refined beauty and appropriate touch.

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