Clarifying and Expansive Soulful Few Days – Oct 28/29

Wednesday, Oct 28, EST

At 4:57pm the Sun at 5:54 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 20:54 Gemini.

The Sun in Scorpio is showing us the status of our intimate and shared resource situations. Mercury Rx Ses-Squared the North Node on Oct 22 from 6:20 Scorpio. As the Sun moves through this aspect and reaches 6:20 Scorpio we can expect to have some clarity around any expressions made via Mercury. The NN in Gemini is keeping our communications simple and not too scholarly, but rather neighborly and smalltown. Scorpio energy is okay with that as long as honesty and transparency are part of the equation. So you may SEE how you need to adjust your communications in your neighborhood to achieve the integrity Scorpio demands. This will create some ease.

At 5:32pm the Sun at 5:55 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 5:55 Aries.

Though the ease may be lost in the need for gratitude as the Sun in Scorpio faces Chiron. An adjustment is called for and no ease is guaranteed here. We may see how our lack of motivation (Chiron in Aries) is impacting our intimate situations. Or we may be afraid to assert ourselves and feel too self-conscious to pursue some intimacy. But with the clarity you can move into gratitude for the Soulful lessons Chiron provides. Think of all those Souls who have Chiron in Aries Natally… they are really feeling this energy and a lack of motivation is near crippling for some. Gratitude helps us to know this too shall pass.

Thursday, Oct 29

At 5:00pm Jupiter at 20:45 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 20:45 Gemini.

We have been feeling this energy build for a few days now, but as it exacts there is usually a powerful message that comes through. Look for that message, that idea, that big picture perspective of things. Jupiter rules Sagittarius the Sign Opposite Gemini. So this is a natural type of Oppositional energy here, too. In Capricorn, Jupiter has had us looking at leadership styles and choosing selecting and refining a leadership philosophy. According to Jupiter, a great leader is one who is optimistic, expansive and benevolent. In the US Presidential election, can you see WHO is playing Jupiter? Who matches your leadership philosophy? It should be rather clear right now. And will become very obvious as Jupiter applies to Conjunct Pluto for the 3rd time on Nov 12.

The North Node in Gemini shows the axis where the Eclipses are occurring: Gemini/Sagittarius. We are starting new cycles around our local vs. global ideas/philosophies. We are looking at communicating locally and letting go of global communication with the South Node in Sagittarius. This is essential to rebuilding public structures that support sound government… a government of WE THE PEOPLE. When the government is corrupt, as we have been seeing since 2008 when Pluto first entered Capricorn, the people need to know HOW to rebuild a sound government. Saturn Conjunct Pluto on Jan 12 was all about a complete restructuring of our government and public authority systems. Jupiter has been helping us to select the best type of structures to put in place for the entire Planet. There is much to come out about all of this, but I will let the Planets do that. Though a few teasers are: debt forgiveness which has been happening in several countries already (Nigeria, Sudan to name a few) and the learning of building Constitutional Republics for all world leaders.

Now the North Node in Gemini is helping with all of this as well. The NN in Gemini says ‘keep things local and simple.’ Make it apply to your neighborhoods and local communities. Bring back your global business dealings and rebuild the local economy (Jupiter). So you may see how to resolve some of the ‘duality’ and Karma of Mercury/Gemini by RISING above the polarity/duality and chartering a higher path (Jupiter) right in your own backyard (Gemini). Remember, to keep your liberty, you are ONLY as FREE as you get along with your neighbors.

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