Rolling Cradle of Merlin Begins – Nov 3

At 12:57am Saturn at 26:20 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 20:20 Gemini.

This is the first exact aspect in a rolling Cradle of Merlin, 4 points of a 5-pointed Star between Transiting Planets and Soulful Points, involving Sun, Saturn, Chiron and the North Node. Right now the North Node is Conjunct Donald Trump’s Natal Sun and will continue on to Conjunct his Natal Uranus at 17+ Gemini soon enough. The Sun does not exact all points at the same time, but will be rolling through providing clarity around the other 3 Planets/Points.

Saturn is in his own Sign of Capricorn and acting truest to his own natural energies. He is Direct now and ready to leave Capricorn behind on Dec 17 when he Ingresses Aquarius. This will be his 2nd Ingression to Aquarius. You may remember the first time which was the ‘Lockdown’ as Saturn restricts Aquarius’ socializing and group activities.

But in Capricorn, Saturn has been Conjunct Mars, Jupiter and Pluto and has been laying new foundations for the next 48-year cycle to Pluto. Though many foundations are yet to be realized. This effortless/magical/5D aspect to the North Node, a Soulful Point, is very helpful at this time. The North Node is helping us to keep things local and to build neighborly relationships rather than global ones. We need to focus on our communities and Saturn initiates new structures. So you can expect to have some conscious (Gemini) ideas on what structures are necessary to build a stronger foundation for local careers and bread-winning. Migration from the cities is part of what the NN is doing in Gemini as the South Node (letting go) is in the Sign of Sagittarius which rules cities.

At 11:33am the Sun at 11:43 Scorpio Quintiles Chiron Rx at 5:43 Aries.

The Sun in Scorpio is highlighting our integrity and honesty so we can move into more 5D ways. As this magical aspect occurs to Chiron, feeling ONLY gratitude for our the umbilical cord to our Soul (Chiron), will bring us much clarity to all of the experiences our Soul’s have been collecting. Stay in gratitude.

On Nov 6, the Sun will Biquintile the North Node and Quintile Saturn providing further insight into the Biquintile between these 2 that exacted this morning.

At 12:49pm Mercury Stations Direct at 25:54 Libra.

In the middle of the US Election Day, Mercury will change direction in the diplomatic Sign of Libra. Liberals have a lot of Libra energy and care mostly about whether everyone is getting along rather than what everyone is actually trying to say. So Mercury has been less argumentative in Libra than he may have been while in Scorpio. And less inquisitive as well. But now as he Stations, Libra energy will be indecisive. Look to where you have 25+ Libra in your Natal Chart by House to see where and who in your life is involved in your ‘review.’ Election fraud is no doubt an issue we will be hearing about once Mercury returns to Scorpio on Nov 10. But are we likely to have a clear winner on Nov 3? What do you think?

At 9:22pm Venus at 8:32 Libra Quincunx Uranus Rx at 8:32 Taurus.

Venus is also in Libra making ‘getting along’ a strong desire right now. But she rules Uranus who has been shaking up her Fixed Earth areas of our lives. Something surprising could be realized on this evening. Or you could find your desires changed, but you have to adjust yourself in order to accept the shocking awareness that you sense.

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