Adjustment, Quarter Moon & Venus/Mars – Nov 7-9

Saturday, Nov 7, EST

At 6:41am the Sun at 15:31 Scorpio Quincunx Mars Rx at 15:31 Aries.

Mars is slowing down for his Direct Station on Nov 13 at 15:14 Aries. He was first at this degree on Jun 4 so are motivations at that time are under review. And it is a more acute review as Mars is pulling into his Station. The Sun in Scorpio is showing us our ethics and any use of manipulation. So this adjustment is to better align our intimacy with our motivations. You can SEE where to adjust your motivations to be more transparent. Or you can act in ways that demonstrate greater transparency and integrity. But an adjustment needs to be made or SEEN.

Sunday, Nov 8

At 8:46am the Moon at 16:37 Leo Squares the Sun at 16:37 Scorpio creating the Waning Quarter Moon.

We can SEE how we FEEL about how our fun is being challenged by all the deep investigation going on in the Scorpio area of our lives.

As of this Quarter Moon, we are ONE WEEK from the New Moon at 23:18 Scorpio which starts the Eclipse cycle WORMHOLE of RAPID CHANGE.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of Nov 30 at 8:38 Gemini/Sagittarius lies across the US’s Natal Descendent/Ascendant (at 8+ Sagittarius). It will be an intensely dramatic and emotional peak around legal (Sagittarius) issues for the American people and first-responders of all kinds (US is a Cancer Sun Sign and that puts the Ascendant in the 6th House by Sun Sign).

Monday, Nov 9

At 11:08am Venus at 15:22 Libra Opposes Mars Rx at 15:22 Aries.

Our male and female energies are in stark contrast here. Both Venus and Mars are in Signs they rule so their energies are very true to form. Our desires have us wanting to relate, but we are ready to act in our own best interests at the same time. Can we talk our way through the challenges? Or do we just need to ACT and ask for forgiveness later? Maybe its about our resources and to acquire something, we see that we need to act now and may go for it.

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