Mars Stations Direct & Psyche Rx Conjuncts the North Node – Nov 13

At 12:53pm Mercury at 3:14 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:14 Pisces.

Mercury in Scorpio is about adding 3D energy to Scorpio’s depths. Mercury with Pluto create suspicion around things that are SEEN. The dual nature of Mercury allows us to see both the ‘good and the bad.’ But Scorpio’s highest vibration is honesty and transparency. Mercury with Neptune can offer some assistance in being content with information received. But today’s Ses-Square means you need to adjust your thinking to achieve some subconscious ease. Where there may have been some initial hesitation, if you allow for the duality to present itself without reacting to it, you can relax around what is happening.

At 7:35pm Mars at 15:14 Aries Stations Direct.

Mars has been Retrograde in his own Sign of Aries since Sep 9 when he Stationed Retrograde at 28:08. He is operating to his truest energy. We have been reviewing our motivations, willpower, ability to act and assert ourselves. Look to the House where you have 15:14-28:08 Aries to see which other area of your life has been under review and WHO might have been pushing you to act. Once Direct, Mars will again Square Pluto for the 3rd time on Dec 23. During his Retrograde cycle, Mars has also Squared Saturn and Jupiter 2 times. There has been many challenges from authority and career areas of life to our personal motivation. Mars will clear his Shadow (28:08 Aries) on Jan 2, 2021 and Ingress Taurus shortly thereafter.

Psyche Rx Conjunct North Node and Mean Node in Gemini.

Psyche in Gemini has been helping us see the Soulful side of Gemini lessons. Though it is adding to the ‘duality’ that we are all experiencing as we manage the transformation of our public structures and leadership philosophy. Right now Psyche Rx is straddled between the True North Node (applying) and the Mean North Node (separating). The lessons are likely personal in nature and dealing with our dualistic relationships with siblings, neighbors and local community. Perhaps Psyche is helping us ALL to resolve some dualistic/Karmic situations right now. We certainly need to rise above 3D/Gemini ‘separation consciousness’. Psyche usually accomplishes his work by SHOWING us the duality (2 sides of the same coin) so that we must find a way to reconcile it via a Soulful perspective.

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