Honesty is Key & New Moon in Scorpio – Nov 14/15

At 2:48pm the Sun at 22:54 Scorpio Sextiles Pluto at 22:54 Capricorn.

We are already in this energy and it is clarifying some things around our use of power or someone else’s. We can see if there is any manipulation or if there is honesty and transparency. Pluto in Capricorn is showing us the shadow side of all authority right now: governments, banks, corporations and politicians, etc. This is to force each of us to take back our personal sovereignty. Are you reclaiming yours?

At 10:57pm the Sun at 23:15 Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter at 23:15 Capricorn.

Now the Sun continues on to work productively with Jupiter as we see how our leadership philosophy is supporting our shared financial situations and intimacy. Our optimism in authority and our ability to be proactive is helping us to see that honesty and transparency are hallmarks to truly leading for the sake of all.

At 11:30pm Mercury at 5:05 Scorpio Ses-Squares the North Node at 20:05 Gemini.

Mercury rules the NN in his Sign. So headlines and news are likely to be a part of this aspect. Are we seeing the manipulation of our conscious minds via the news? Do we need to adjust our ideas in order to create an ease within our communities? Are we being transparent and honest within our neighborhoods?

At 12:07am the Moon at 23:18 Scorpio Conjuncts the Sun at 23:18 Scorpio creating the Annual New Moon in Scorpio.

This New Moon begins the Eclipse Wormhole of ‘Rapid Change’ for the upcoming Eclipse cycle. It is Sextile the Solar Eclipse degree of 23:08 Sagittarius at 11:16am on Dec 14. The Lunar Eclipse occurs at 4:30am on Nov 30 at 8:38 Gemini.

The New Moon in any Sign is a ‘fresh start’ for that Sign’s energies. In the US Natal Chart, this New Moon occurs in the 12th House by Rising Sign. 12th House New Moons are periods of downtime and often seclusion to recharge. Things are going on at a depth that isn’t usually seen by others. This is in preparation for the next New Moon, which is the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius.

A New Moon in Scorpio is the time of year to initiate some shared resource issues: taxes, debt, loans, inheritance, child support, etc. Do so before the legal New Moon hits in Sagittarius. Its time to begin a practice of integrity that includes honesty and transparency with intimate partners and financial backers.

At 4:35am Mercury at 5:21 Scorpio Quincunx Chiron Rx at 5:21 Aries.

Now the news, communications or ‘seen’ reality needs to be adjusted to include our insecurity and lack of motivation. There are things holding us back a bit even though we may know that we need to be honest. Adjust yourself. Initiate honesty and let the cards fall as they may.

At 1:38pm Jupiter at 23:21 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron Rx at 5:21 Aries.

Now Jupiter can show you the benefits of ‘the truth shall set you free.’ If you have been living in fear of relating to others because of lack of motivation and insecurity, Jupiter can help you do so effortlessly for today. Seize the day and make some bold moves that heal yourself and your motivation to act.

At 2:43pm Venus at 22:55 Libra Squares Pluto at 22:55 Capricorn.

You want a reciprocal relating-ship, but to do so you may have to be honest and transparent. Libra energy isn’t accustomed to doing so. They are happy to give the ‘appearance’ of everything is ok while there is likely some underlying issue you don’t want to address. You are valuing the ‘look’ of getting along right now over the need to address someone’s misuse of power, or your OWN. Many relationships are carried out with secrets that don’t get looked at. This energy today may well bring up some lack of transparency and you may find yourself fending for yourself rather than sharing resources or physical intimacy. Pluto in Capricorn’s message to EVERYONE right now is the need for honesty and transparency. 2020 is the year to arrive at this standard. But to do so you must address others’ motivations to control and keep secrets and bring these truths to the surface for all to see.

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