Intimate Touch & Communication – Nov 23, EST

At 9:50pm Venus at 3:10 Scorpio Ses-Squares Neptune Rx at 18:10 Pisces.

Neptune is already at the very degree and minute of his Direct Station that will occur at 7:37pm on Sun, Nov 28. Exact Stations are very potent energy now and over the next cycle as Personal Planets reach that degree. Venus is newly in Scorpio and this is her 1st aspect from that Sign. The Ses-Squares says to ‘adjust to create an ease.’ So the overall effect is that our desires for intimacy need to adjust themselves to any subconscious nudge we are feeling. Scorpio wants honesty and transparency even above physical intimacy. Venus brings up what we value and desire. She rules sensual touch and massage. Tonight might be a good time to just massage your way through any intimacy issues allowing for the sensual touch or closeness to create a space for honesty that is healing. Then you can enjoy the ease of intimacy that is promised. This also equates to financial sharing.

At 11:40pm Mercury at 18:10 Scorpio Trines Neptune Rx at 18:10 Pisces.

Mercury in Pluto’s Sign is about intimate communication, but the Conjunction of these energies can create suspicion as well. But the Trine to Neptune can help you move out of any 3D energy into effortless 5D energy. And Neptune’s 5D expression is unconditional love. So this aspect is greatly supporting your intimate relationships and allowing for total honesty of words and touch. It can now be effortless and with Mercury involved you can SEE the physical reality of this wonderful aspect. Neptune can make it all feel dreamy and the Trine can move into higher realms. Speak your truth with love.

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