Neptune Stations Direct & Broadcasting Your Philosophy – Nov 28-30

As of Friday we entered the 3-day window of the 1st Eclipse in this cycle: Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 8:38 Gemini that exacts at 4:30am EST on Monday, Nov 30.

At 7:37pm Neptune at 18:10 Pisces Stations Direct.

This feels like a sea change when Neptune moves Direct again. You can sense deep within. Thankfully this is his last pass to 18 Pisces for another 167 years or so because he has been Squaring my Ascendant at 18 Gemini. When I do talk to people, I have to say, ‘I don’t know where I’ve been!’ Its the truth. But Neptune is ending the Age of Pisces and is now more than 1/2 way through his own Sign of Pisces. While Retrograde, we tend to see something in a different light than his 1st pass. Now that he is Direct, we will get some final sense of something that seems nebulous but is there in the unseen realm.

At 9:51pm Mercury at 25:47 Scorpio Sextiles Jupiter at 25:47 Capricorn.

Jupiter resolves the Karmic duality of Mercury so in a Sextile we can take the higher road. Jupiter in Capricorn has been focusing us on refining a leadership philosophy and identifying the types of leaders that we need. Mercury in Scorpio is getting to the very bottom of things. He is talking about the ethics of people’s use of power here. Use this information to continue to move toward a spiritual reconciliation of the information before you.

Sunday, Nov 29

At 3:20am the Sun at 7:34 Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Rx at 7:34 Taurus.

Friday we had Venus Opposite Uranus and there was some cognitive dissonance for some who realized their beliefs need to be changed. Now the Sun is adjusting our clarity to better align with the sanitizing changes Uranus is bringing us through. Change in resources. Equalizing of resources with groups and individuals. The Sun is in the optimistic Sign of Sagittarius that conceives of abundance. Adjust your goals to apply optimism in the shake-up coming to your beliefs, resources and desires.

At 1:12pm Jupiter at 25:54 Capricorn Biquintiles the North Node at 19:54 Gemini.

This is a lovely, effortless aspect allowing you to communicate, publish or broadcast your leadership philosophy to those in your neighborhood. Its easy to find people of a like-mind who are generally at a distance from you, but sharing your philosophies with your siblings, neighbors and classmates is usually more challenging. Except that this aspect makes it effortless to do so. Write or speak about your sense of government, politics and banking ideas so they can be applied in your local community. This can also be leader who broadcasts to the local community in a Soulful way.

At 7:14pm the Sun at 8:15 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 23:15 Capricorn.

As this aspect exacts, the Sun is already on the degree of the Lunar Eclipse that will exact tomorrow morning. The clarity of this aspect is part and parcel of the ’emotional reset’ of the Lunar Eclipse. The Moon will Ses-Square Pluto which is an easier energy that creates an ease. So use your intuition along with the clarity to navigate around your Pluto-entities.

Perhaps your big goals are a bit irritating to someone who is in the trenches working to bring integrity into our circles of power. Or you see how you need to handle your goals when presenting them to this person. While you want to be over the moon with your plans, you are likely seeing that it won’t go over well with those who hold the power. Use the clarity to proceed with your goals.

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, Nov 30, Part 1

On Monday, Nov 30 at 4:30am the Moon at 8:38 Gemini Opposes the Sun at 8:38 Sagittarius creating the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.

Lunar Eclipses are ’emotional resets’ where you are finally ‘just get over it!’ Whatever situation has been hanging on too long and keeping you emotionally tied/trapped to something, this is the energy where you can move on from jobs, partners, mentors, coaches, foreign things, long-distance things, platonic things or old spiritual ideas. Watch the precise time of this Lunar Eclipse and you will see how it FEELS to finally close a chapter.

A Lunar Eclipse shuts something down to make room for the Solar Eclipse which is a Supercharged ‘Fresh Start’ in the area of your life where you have 23:08 Sagittarius. We are in the midst of Rapid Change within the Eclipse Wormhole. Get ready to arrive at new spiritual ideas, new optimism and new fortunate mindset.

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