Courage vs. Kindness – Current Event Astrology

For the last 2 years Chiron has been Transiting through the Sign of Aries. Aries rules our willpower, our motivation to act before even thinking. Aries rules ‘male’ energy and aggression, anger, heroism and our ability to initiate action or assert ourselves is in this Sign. Chiron in this Sign brings up the 1st House ‘wounding’ of insecurity and lack of motivation or inability to initiate action. One of the simplest ways to ‘see’ this wounding right now is the use of ‘masks’ over the face as part of the COVID-19 prevention plan. It actually seems a very appropriate way to express a wounding in Aries. Of course Chiron in Aries hasn’t had us all wearing masks during his last Transit through Aries. Rather this is a combination of Transits that have created this ‘expression’ of Chiron in Aries.

Chiron in Aries also affects the Sign of Libra on the axis with Aries. Aries rules the ‘self’ and Libra rules our significant ‘others’ such as partners, marital partners, close friends and open enemies. Libra energy is applied to reciprocal relationships, relating to others in a balanced way, achieving consensus at all costs… even at the expense of truth. It is an imperative that everyone ‘get along.’ But Librans are being wounded by friends (as Aries is their 7th House of friendship) and ‘open enemies’ who refuse to wear a mask. Baby-Boomers with their Neptune in Libra all share this same ‘ideal’ reality as all Libra Suns and many Libra Risings.

China is a Libra country. They want everything to look perfect on the surface while what is hidden (Pisces as their 6th House) may portray an entirely different picture. Chiron in Aries is making China wounded by ‘open enemies’. The US is a Cancer country and Pluto in Capricorn, the US’s natural 7th House of ‘open enemies’ is revealing the underbelly of those enemies and the corruption they have created in our own ‘circles of power’ (Capricorn).

Since the ‘lockdowns’ began last March, many people have been extolling the virtue of kindness. Wearing a mask is ‘showing kindness’ and Librans LOVE kindness. But Transiting Uranus in Taurus is also playing a role here… when people wanted to ‘accessorize’ their masks to match their outfits and to express their values, that is Uranus in Taurus. Taurus rules the smile, beauty, accessorizing, and our beliefs and values as well as valuables and resources. Uranus rules shocking things and in Taurus bizarre types of ‘beauty’ statements: masks as accessories. Uranus wants things to be universal and fair and is the champion of the Social Justice ‘Warriors’ (though the Warrior part is Aries and is a hold-over from Uranus’s Transit through Aries from 2011-2018).

But Uranus, which rules Aquarius, is the ruler of personal freedom and Fixed Air/Ideas to save the world. The battle in the US, which is now a global hallmark for the future is the restoration of our Constitutional Republic based on the premise that ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL. A VERY Uranian concept that is ‘God-given’ because Uranus rules ‘God-like revelation.’

Uranus also rules groups and group-think. The young people in Black Lives Matter and Antifa have Uranus Conjunct their Natal Neptune in Capricorn and or Uranus in Aquarius (as the younger ones do). Uranus can rule chaos as he shakes things up in order to bring about necessary change.

The US’s 4th House cusp (by Rising Sign) is in Aquarius. The 4th House rules security, home and land, emotional roots and nurturing, moms and family. The 4th House is ruled by the Moon making the US emotionally rooted in the concept of equality for all (Uranus rules universal, justice, fairness and equity).

But getting back to the Courage (Aries energy) vs Kindness (Libra energy), to restore our Constitutional Republic we must shake off any false ‘kindness’ and ‘agreeability’ and seize the courage to restore our personal freedoms where WE THE PEOPLE establish the government and rule it.

I used to like the Dalai Lama’s quote about ‘kindness is my religion’… he must be a Libra. But I haven’t felt that way for a long time. As a triple Scorpio (Sun, Moon and Rising), Libras can drive me crazy because they don’t look at what is underneath their BS whitewash. And I have been saying to anyone who posts the virtues of kindness online that the Dalai Lama was rescued from Tibet along with only SOME of his followers because they were being brutalized by Communist China. AND now India is working to rescue the rest of his people very soon. Rescue is an Aries energy. It requires COURAGE. So for every ‘peace-at-all-costs’ Libran who finds themselves ruled over by Dictators, there is some Courageous Aries-type who will risk life and limb to save them without even giving it too much thought.

As we move into the Age of Aquarius, Aries is the 3rd House of the ‘seen world’ for that Age. Courage is the energy of this Age to keep the ideal that ALL MEAN ARE CREATED EQUAL and have certain UNALIENABLE RIGHTS FROM GOD.

Libras are afraid of the virus and are willing to do most everything they are told as long as the majority is doing it. They would NEVER want to be the one standing alone. They like to have a ‘mirror’ which is a projection of themselves to play with. If you are worried about losing their friendship, then you are expressing Libra energy. If you act with COURAGE, more will become free around you and shake off the tyranny their minds have embraced as a virtue.

Can you tell that as a Scorpio Sun, Aquarius is my 4th House? And then as a Gemini Rising, my 10th House cusp is also in Aquarius Opposite my Uranus in Leo in my 10th House by Sun Sign. With all my Scorpio INTEGRITY I am unfraid to assert my ideas of freedom. As a Scorpio Sun, Aries is my 6th House of health, fitness, military service, work, duty, volunteering. I am a former US Army Officer who took an ‘Oath to defend the Constitution.’ The ‘Oath’ is a Uranian/Aquarian ideal that is sworn before God and your fellow citizens that you will uphold all their personal freedoms by defending against all enemies foreign and domestic.

This IS an Age of Aquarius ideal. This IS one of the cornerstone agreements underpinning the next 2000 years. And COURAGE is required to secure and keep it. Though Aquarius will rely on the quickening of peoples’ minds through those who exercise COURAGE.

When personal freedom is secured, then the 9th House of spiritual and philosophical ideals is in Libra… meaning that balance can be realized for the good of all.

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