Ease, Magic and Irritation – Dec 4/5

We are in the space between 2 Eclipses and a time of ‘Rapid Change.’ The Moon is in Leo and on the way to the Quarter Moon on Sunday at 16:22 Virgo, Sun in Sagittarius.

Friday, Dec 4, EST

At 7:40pm Mercury at 5:00 Sagittarius Trines Chiron Rx at 5:00 Aries.

A Trine between these 2 Planets is a welcome thing. We can move into some Soul Awareness or 5D as a Trine is a Transitional aspect. Mercury is in a Higher-Mind energy in the Sign of Sagittarius. Forgiveness is possible and we can help someone, or ourselves, overcome some insecurity or lack of motivation. Optimism can be helpful here as well.

At 8:59pm the Sun at 13:23 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 7:23 Taurus.

Magical clarifying revelation. The Sun in Sagittarius is optimistic purpose. Uranus in Taurus is awareness of our desires and resources or surprising ways to acquire. Put these 2 together in a double-magic aspect and you are seeing clearly some new ingenious approaches.

At 9:02pm Venus at 16:47 Scorpio Quintiles Saturn at 28:47 Capricorn.

Saturn in his own Sign is in his most natural energetic state. Venus is testing the integrity of her values and desires as she Transits through Scorpio. Transparency and honesty around resources that are ours or that we share with others. Here an authority type may be helping us to obtain some investment for our desires and it will be effortless. Or we can achieve some financial career goal.

Saturday, Dec 5

At 7:23am the Sun at 13:49 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 28:49 Capricorn.

Some irritation in what we see clearly here. Though Sagittarius is an optimistic Sign and we can apply that here. Saturn is set to wrap up his Transit through his own Sign for the next 25+ years. Have our new foundations been put in place to assist us until Saturn returns to his own Sign? Its not quite that straightforward as Saturn started a new cycle with Pluto at 22:47 Capricorn on Jan 12. We are in the process of complete transformation of our public structures. The Sun is helping us to see something about our spiritual philosophy and the structures we are transforming.

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