Mercury Crosses US Ascendant & Lunar Eclipse Degree – Dec 6/7

Sunday, Dec 6, EST, PM

From tonight through Monday morning, Mercury will make a number of very important aspects to the Lunar Eclipse and the US’s Ascendant (highest point of self-awareness) and Uranus in Gemini. There is likely to be unexpected news and ‘results’ coming.

At 9;30pm Mercury at 8:14 Sagittarius Conjuncts the US’s Natal Ascendant at 8:14 Sagittarius.

This is a defining moment, literally. Mercury rules the ‘seen’ world and he is leaving Neptune’s ‘unseen’ realm of the 12th House as he reaches the Ascendant, the cusp of the 1st House of the US’s ‘body’ and first impression by Rising Sign. Sagittarius (legal, legislative, courts, optimism, spiritual philosophy, distribution over long distance) is also the 6th House (military service, duty, volunteering, harvest, etc.) of the US by Sun Sign. While we have been ‘hearing’ about events in these various energies, we haven’t ‘seen’ them occur yet. But this is the moment when that changes… when all the hidden thoughts, plans and ideas become ‘seen.’

Monday, Dec 7

At 12:29am Mercury at 8:26 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 23:26 Capricorn.

Pluto has been in a Semi-Square to the US Ascendant for a month now. The Semi-Square brings irritation. Mercury in Sagittarius may be too much talking, but it can simply be over-the-top headlines or broadcasting or legal news, etc. Pluto has been Transiting through Capricorn since 2008 and showing us the shadow side (or dark side) of our public authorities. His real purpose is to get the people to take back their power from these authorities. Mercury has some philosophical ideas to share on how to do this? Or he wants some legal recourse? Whatever gets said may just rub you the wrong way. Or your words will rub an authority the wrong way. Or some legal entity will SHOW an indictment for the Fraud that Pluto entities have perpetrated. This has been on-going but now we will SEE some of it.

At 2:30am Mercury at 8:38 Sagittarius Opposes the Lunar Eclipse of Nov 30 at 8:38 Gemini.

We are likely to hear, write or express our feeling from that ’emotional reset’. You may be ready to say ‘I am sooo over this…. (person, place, thing or idea).’ As for US news, there could be some open or hidden enemies that we are ending relations with.

At 7:50am Mercury at 8:55 Sagittarius Opposes the US’s Natal Uranus at 8:55 Gemini.

Mercury rules Uranus in Gemini and all communication, local community and transportation. Uranus rules unexpected change, disruption, invention and groups. Sagittarius rules broadcasting, optimism, global community, cities and long-distance transportation or distribution. As Sagittarius is the US’s 6th House of military service, duty, first-responders, healthcare, etc. we can expected to suddenly (Uranus) see (Mercury) military, healthcare or LEOs in plain sight. Or we can have an emergency (Uranus) broadcast (Sagittarius) from our senior (Sagittarius) person in the US. These are all possibilities, though we can’t be certain if THIS is the timing or at the Solar Eclipse. We may hear word of some changes coming up ahead. Or we could have an unexpected court decision or legal indictments served… all are in the realm. But Mercury crosses into the US 1st House brings things into the ‘seen’ realm.

At 9:57am Venus at 19:57 Scorpio Quincunx the North Node at 19:57 Gemini.

Money, mine and ours, are being adjusted to a Soulful location perspective. Maybe ‘love thy neighbors as thyself’ applies here. What is mine is indeed available to my community if it is needed.

At 10:28am Venus at 19:59 Scorpio Ses-Squares Chiron Rx at 4:59 Aries.

Though here is someone resists being open enough to share resources, you can offer some healing touch to help them see how it is in their best interest too. They may just lack the motivation to reciprocate in some way or to assert themselves. Adjust your expectations accordingly.

At 7:36pm the Moon at 16:22 Virgo Squares the Sun at 16:22 Sagittarius creating the Waning Quarter Moon.

By evening we will see how we feel (Moon) about service (Virgo) in light of our Sagittarius (legal, optimism and spiritual) goals (Sun).

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