Sun Trines Mars & Opposes the North Node – Dec 11

Thursday, Dec 10, EST, PM

At 7:30pm Mercury at 14:22 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Saturn at 29:22 Capricorn.

Some irritation coming from restriction and response-ability. You were all chatty when something seems to get in the way and stop your optimism.

At 8:55pm the Moon Ingresses Scorpio.

With just 3 days and a wake-up until the Solar Eclipse, the Moon is going to move through Scorpio on her way to Conjunct the Sun at 23:08 Sagittarius at 11:16am on Dec 14. We are feeling some need for transparency and honesty prior to our super-charged ‘Fresh Start’ of the Eclipse.

Friday, Dec 11

At 1:00am the Sun at 19:39 Sagittarius Trines Mars at 19:39 Aries.

This aspect will help you clearly see your motivations for some fun and adventure. You see how optimism helps you to act more passionately as you pursue your goals.

At 7:52am the Sun at 19:57 Sagittarius Opposes the North Node at 19:57 Gemini.

The Sun on the South Node is helping you to see what has been draining you. You are normally very optimistic in this area of life, but something has you focused in the other direction of Gemini where things can be more depressing. How are you moving from a spiritual perspective to something more local and neighborly? That’s what this aspect will help you to see.

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