Solar Eclipse, Solstice, Great Conjunction & Mars Square Pluto – 10 Days to Remember – Dec 14/23

This is going to be a very fast-paced and INTERESTING few weeks ahead of us! The Solar Eclipse is just one of the major events we have to look forward to… and YES, ‘look forward to’ as that is TYPICAL Sagittarian energy… OPTIMISM and positive speculation of the future. Sure, we are still in the midst of some heavy (Capricorn/Saturn as 10th House of ‘public’ things), suspicious (Transiting Pluto Opposite US Mercury) and aggressive (Mars applying to Square Pluto) energy.

But the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn a few hours following the Winter Solstice is especially fortunate as they meet at 0+ degrees of Aquarius… the new age we are entering more solidly and especially with this Conjunction. And as only the Universe would have it, this Conjunction is the closest, visible (observable to the naked eye) Conjunction between the 2 Planets since 1226. They are coining it the ‘Christmas Star’ as it is occurring at the Winter Solstice so near to Christmas, Dec 21 is when they will exact this Conjunction.

A few days later, Mars will Square Pluto (at 23:55 Aries/Capricorn respectively) for the 3rd time of Mar’s Retrograde cycle and Mars will also Square the US Mercury at 24:12 Cancer shortly after. “Them’s fighting words” comes to mind. It could certainly ‘spark’ (Aries is Cardinal/Initiating Fire) some drama (Cancer).

With the Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius, which rules broadcasting and global things, whatever anger and drama that might result should be available via broadcasting venues.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the Solar Eclipse that is now only 22 hours from exacting!

The last Solar Eclipse that occurred within a degree of this Eclipse was on Dec 14, 2001 at 22:56 Sagittarius. There may be some similarities to that Eclipse because in your Natal Chart it involves the same Houses and the Sun and Moon make the same aspects to your Natal Planets. But aside from SOME similarities, the aspects made to Transiting Planets is vastly different. Let’s compare the 2 Charts:

2001 Solar Eclipse:

Solar Eclipse – 22:56 Sagittarius, Dec 14, 2001, EST

You will see Pluto at 15+ Sag and Saturn Rx at 10+ Gemini…. they are separating from the Opposition that occurred near 9/11. We just had a new cycle begin with Saturn and Pluto at their Conjunction on Jan 12, 2020 at 22:47 Capricorn. Big differences with these placements from the 2001 Eclipse. Jupiter was in Cancer and now is in late Capricorn. Uranus was in his own Sign of Aquarius along with Neptune. And Chiron was at 0+ Capricorn. And much more.

2020 Solar Eclipse:

Solar Eclipse – 23:08 Sagittarius, Dec 14, 2020, EST

Pluto (showing fraud and the need for transparency) is within a 1 degree orb of Opposing the US’s Mercury. Jupiter and Saturn are within 1 orb of each other, but in Capricorn (they will meet in one week at 0:29 Aquarius). Neptune is in his own Sign of Pisces dissolving the Age of Pisces for us. Uranus is in Taurus shaking up personal resources and seeking to make them more equitable.

Aspects made to this Eclipse:

The Sun and Moon make a Semi-Sextile to Pluto in Capricorn. This certainly can’t hurt! There is some productive optimism and spiritual philosophy or legal perspective that is helping us to achieve transparency around the fraud of the US election.

Saturn is in a Decile (36 degrees and half of a 5D Quintile) to the Sun and Moon. A Decile brings out resourcefulness. Saturn is father-like public authority and Sun and Moon in Sagittarius is law and legal entities. The Supreme Court could be weighing in again on the election matters.

Uranus is Ses-Square the Sun and Moon. There is some adjustment from revelation to our optimism or legal matters. Adjust our legal goals to be more equitable and we will enjoy the ease. Black Moon Lillith is within a 1 degree orb of Uranus adding 5D sense of justice to Uranus’ revelations and inspirations.

Neptune is in a loose Square to the Sun and Moon, but Square the Nodes of Fate during the Eclipse. There could still be some hidden things that need to come out over this Eclipse cycle.

Chiron and Mars are both in Aries. Mars is applying to Square Pluto, but Chiron is Square the US’s Jupiter and Venus in early Cancer. So there is some healing possible with the aspects to the 2 Healing Planets.

Mercury is within a 3 degree orb of the Sun and Moon so there is some mentality clarity of thought and feelings around the optimism and promise of legal resolution.

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