Saturn Ingresses Aquarius; With Jupiter on His Heels – Dec 16/17

Wednesday, Dec 16, EST

At 5:43pm Mercury at 22:05 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Uranus Rx 7:05 Taurus.

Uranus is the only major Planetary body in Retrograde motion at the moment. Chiron Stationed Direct on Tuesday. So we are covering some awareness that we had earlier in the year. Mercury in Sagittarius is spiritual and philosophical thoughts or just planning some adventure. Uranus is shaking up our values and resources so we may need to adjust our plans around the current state of our resources in order to enjoy the ease. Sagittarius rules broadcasting and Mercury rules communication. Uranus may be shaking up something in this realm and we need to adjust to these changes.

Thursday, Dec 17

At 12:04am Saturn Ingresses Aquarius.

This is the 2nd time Saturn has Ingressed this Sign. The first time was on Mar 22, near the time of the ‘Lockdown’ in the US and many other countries. But with Jupiter right on Saturn’s heels, it is unlikely to be so Karmic OR restrictive in feeling. Though any similar feelings of ‘worry’ are likely coming from Mars applying to Square Pluto again. So go into this new energy with greater awareness (Uranus rules Aquarius) and be response-able in your engagement with groups in order to satisfy Saturn’s accountability. With Jupiter already in a 1 degree orb of Saturn, look for the Great Conjunction to be in effect helping us rise above any old 3D or 4D feelings!

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