Conscious Political Clarity, Winter Solstice & the Great Conjunction: Freedom for ALL – Dec 20/21

The Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn exacts on Monday afternoon (EST) and is sandwiched between aspects from Mercury and Sun offering conscious clarity and expression about the aspect. And the Winter Solstice is smack in the middle of all of it.

Sunday, Dec 20, EST

At 6:07pm Mercury Ingresses Capricorn.

On Dec 20, 2017 Saturn Ingressed Capricorn. On Jan 26, 2008 Pluto Ingressed Capricorn. On Dec 2, 2019 Jupiter Ingressed Capricorn. Mercury has done so every year around this time give or take a month. But with all of the Capricorn energy of the last year, this is likely to be a pretty notable Ingression. For one, Capricorn is the most visible Sign of the Zodiac; at the top of the Chart. Two, with Mercury here, we SEE things and SPEAK or HEAR things about this Sign and the goings on. The energy hits our conscious mind and SEEN world. So expect communications to be more political, more about government, banks and corporations and authority. Mercury is now ahead of the Sun, though, and can be creating ideas that are not based in reality so be sure to rely on your Higher-Mind Planets for discernment: Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. He is still in tight orb to the Sun over the next few days so all is helpful right now. He is Conjunct the Sun for the Solstice Chart which is in effect for 30 days so this will be helpful too.

At 11:34pm Mercury at 0:22 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 0:22 Aquarius.

The Semi-Sextile is a minor aspect, but this will be very helpful in expressing the Great Conjunction’s energies and how it affects our public structures and authority. Mercury communicates and Jupiter broadcasts and Aquarius makes things universal so what gets expressed right now is likely to be ‘global’ and of ‘universal’ benefit to all. With Jupiter so close to Saturn, his ‘expansion’ of ideas is held in check.

Monday, Dec 21

At 12:37am Mercury at 0:26 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 0:26 Aquarius.

It is hard to separate Mercury’s aspects to each of these Planets. The energies are already merged and Saturn rules Mercury in his Sign of Capricorn anyway. Words will be spoken with authority and it will initiate structures for the good of ‘all’… groups and community (Aquarius).

At 5:03am the Sun Ingresses Capricorn creating the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice, EST, Dec 21, 2020, 5:03am

This Solstice deserves its own entire post it is so significant right now. Look at the Conjunctions at the exact time the Sun Ingresses Capricorn. These energies will be with us for the Winter season (90 days):

Mercury Conjunct the Sun is conscious clarity and communication, in Capricorn around public structures and political authority; Jupiter Conjunct Saturn is Interpersonal good fortune, legal actions with authority types, in the US’s 8th House it is debt forgiveness or ‘stimulus checks’ again; Mars Conjunct Eris can bring about discord from our personal actions; Black Moon Lillith Conjunct Uranus Rx is 5D view of what is equal, just and fair around personal resources (Taurus).

Our reality and communication will be focused on authority and public structures. It is time to set some goals for ways to ‘transform’ our political and governmental structures as part of the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction of Jan 12, 2020.

At 1:11am Venus at 6:58 Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Rx at 6:58 Taurus.

Venus is nearing the degree of the Nov 30 Lunar Eclipse which was Opposite Transiting Uranus as well. Our desires will align with the emotional reset we felt at that Eclipse. If we moved on from a relationship (Venus rules Libra), we will bless the other on their path. We will have the awareness of why it was necessary and beneficial for both parties. We can broadcast our changed values or turn them into a new spiritual perspective as well.

At 1:20pm Jupiter at 0:29 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 0:29 Aquarius.

This is the Great Conjunction and the ‘Christmas Star’ the media is writing about. Jupiter and Saturn are the 2 Interpersonal Planets so this aspect likely involves you and another person. Look to your Natal Chart to see ‘who’ that person is likely to be by House placement. This aspect starts a new 20-year cycle between the 2 Planets in the Sign of Aquarius which rules: groups, social network, philanthropy, charity, communal ideals, equality and freedom.

For the US, Aquarius is the 8th House of shared resources by Sun Sign. We could expect a broadcast calling for more freedom, a new cycle of shared resources, a new social network system and changes within groups. We are likely to begin broadcasting about the need for more freedom from government or greater government of WE THE PEOPLE (so Aquarian). A new financial ‘currency’ is likely in this new cycle as well. There are many other grandiose things that could be said, but let your awareness take you into realms of the bizarre (Alien Disclosure) and unexpected (inventions), etc.

At 4:52pm the Sun at 0:30 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Saturn at 0:30 Aquarius.

The Sun will now offer clarity around words spoken yesterday when Mercury moved through these aspects. Authority will be showing us the way of the ‘Great Conjunction.’ We can set new goals for our political structures to align with more global and universal freedom (Aquarius).

At 5:22pm the Sun at 0:32 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 0:32 Aquarius.

More of the same as the above aspect as the energies are so merged and wonderful. We can clearly SEE ways to implement our new leadership philosophy.

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