3-Way of Venus, Mars & Pluto – Dec 22/23

Tuesday, Dec 22, EST

At 6:06am Venus at 8:28 Sagittarius Ses-Squares Mars at 23:28 Aries.

Venus is very near to Opposing the Lunar Eclipse degree of Nov 30 at 8:38 Gemini so there may be something from that Eclipse involved with this aspect. Mars is making his 3rd pass to late Aries on the 3rd phase of his recent Retrograde cycle. He was last at 23+ Aries on Oct 6. Venus is bringing a desire for optimism and Mars is chasing his passion. Do your values and beliefs align with your passion? Do your actions support your philosophy? There is some adjustment needed here in order to create an ease.

At 2:08pm Venus at 8:53 Sagittarius Semi-Squares Pluto at 23:53 Capricorn.

Some irritation around money, yours and theirs. Or maybe you want a platonic relationship and someone else is trying to get more physical and throwing their power around. Your optimism might just help you dance away with a friendly hug and beautiful smile, but the other is likely finding that just plain irritating.

Wednesday, Dec 23, AM

At 9:53am Mars at 23:55 Aries Squares Pluto at 23:55 Capricorn.

This can be some abusive aggression or someone wants to block your actions. You likely know WHO Pluto is in this equation and will need to be mindful of acting too quickly. Now that Mars has reviewed his values and philosophy when he met Venus, he is hard-charging to get things done. An authority may step on your toes today or try to hold you back. Don’t throw any swings. It may be best to duck instead. Wars have started on this sort of aspect so choose your battles wisely. If someone was putting the moves on your ‘girl or guy’ this could be when a confrontation occurs.

In the US, Mars is applying to Square the US’s Mercury at 24:12 Cancer creating a T-Square or Karmic energies. Fighting words. Duality and suspicion (Pluto Opposing US Mercury) of someone ‘acting’ (Mars/Aries) to preserve their security (Mercury in Cancer). This can be aggression between open enemies (Pluto in Capricorn is US’s 7th House of open enemies). The energy of the T-Square pours into Libra, the US’s 4th House of home, family, land and security. If there is an aggressor, it is likely friends (Libra) will come to the assistance of the US.

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