Our Conscious Mind Goes Higher & Soulful – Dec 23-25

Over the next 3 days, Mercury makes 3 aspects to Chiron, our Soul’s umbilical cord and 2 Higher-Mind Planets: Neptune and Uranus. This will be a very informative few days around our careers, our social status, political situation and all matters involving government, corporations, banks and authority-types.

Wednesday, Dec 23, EST, PM

At 9:11pm Mercury at 4:58 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 4:58 Aries.

Some hurtful words in 3D, but in 5D you just know its all part of the plan. You may be insecure about your public reputation or afraid to have that conversation that you know needs to happen. When you DO initiate, it might feel rough, but its this wounding that allows us to have this experience.

Thursday, Dec 24

At 6:00pm Mercury at 6:21 Capricorn Quintiles Neptune at 18:21 Pisces.

A much nicer aspect that last night. Now we have an effortless ability to express things we hadn’t recognized before or were hidden from our understanding. Your words will touch others in miraculous ways or with a bit of magic. You will have a deep feeling of ‘contentment’ with your plans made at this time. Whatever Neptune is dissolving you can now see it is making space for better career or public plans.

Friday, Dec 25

At 2:05am Mercury at 6:53 Capricorn Trines Uranus Rx at 6:53 Taurus.

The Trine is Transitional and with a bit of effort you can move into 5D with it. Uranus is very 5D if you accept this revelations and inspirations. You may find yourself suddenly expressing something that you hadn’t planned to, but it strikes just the right chord with the recipient/recipients. You may suddenly receive some financial assistance or find you have resources you didn’t know about. Or someone may want to help you out with a career move or change. Or you may just wake up with the ideas that you need to implement in the morning.

At 6:40pm Venus at 12:53 Sagittarius Biquintiles Uranus Rx at 6:53 Taurus.

It really doesn’t get much better than this for most of Christmas Day. You have some unexpected spiritual ideas or inspirations you want to share with a group. Or a grandparent could offer you some resources for an adventure you have been wanting to take. One of your desires is likely to magically appear from out of the blue.

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