Integrity Challenge – Jan 3/4

At 9:19pm Venus at 24:17 Sagittarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 24:17 Capricorn.

A minor aspect that can’t help but be a nice thing. Attraction of intimacy and investment is possible. Optimistic feeling about transparency in politics. Expansive resources to share with others. In the US chart, Venus is Quincunx Natal Mercury and Pluto is in Opposition. There is plenty of projection so we need to adjust our words to match our values that can rise above the suspicion and arguing.

Monday, Jan 4

At 1:58am Jupiter at 3:32 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:32 Pisces.

It may be hard to maintain your sobriety for a short bit here. Jupiter in Aquarius is a LOT of awareness, revelation and knowledge and it can be hard to manage. This may lead you to escape all of that awareness so you don’t have to integrate, but rather avoid. Let the awareness in. Sit with it and move through it.

At 2:17am Mercury at 23:07 Capricorn Quintile Chiron at 5:07 Aries.

For today communication is effortless to initiate even though we are aware of insecurity around our careers or our actions. We can SEE how our insecurity has been holding us back and work around it for right now.

At 7:48pm Mercury at 24:19 Capricorn Conjuncts Pluto at 24:19 Capricorn.

This starts a new cycle with our conscious mind and our sense of integrity (in 5D). Or our worry mind that waffles and our misuse of authority and lack of honesty (in 3D). As Capricorn is such a public Sign, we can see many around us who may be expressing the 3D energy here. But that is just our ‘mirror’ in 3D and unimportant.

Last Jan 18, Mercury Conjunct Pluto at 21:12 Capricorn. With Pluto, it is slow, incremental transformation. Since Pluto Ingressed Capricorn in 2008, many were just beginning to see the fraud of the government. NOW, they are calling for transparency in all dealings. That has been slow, but it is effective. Pluto in Capricorn has us transforming our public structures and foundations. So today there is either LOTS of projection and duality of words and ideas flying around. OR there is talk of the need for transparency and honesty to combat the fraud.

Mercury is separating from an exact Opposition to the US’s Mercury so there are plenty of words flying around and it can be hard to see the truth of it. Stand your ground, calm your mind and KNOW which direction is moving things forward with integrity.

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