Venus Meets the 3-Way & the New Moon in Capricorn.

Tuesday, Jan 12, EST

At 4:04pm Venus at 5:18 Capricorn Squares Chiron at 5:18 Aries.

Venus is now moving through a 3-way with Chiron and Jupiter. Though Jupiter is now separating from the Sextile to Chiron. Mercury was in Aquarius and she is in Capricorn so she makes a Square to Chiron which can bring up some wounding insecurity or lack of motivation, but offer healing as well. You may first hesitate to touch someone, but might find that you can anyway. Venus is concerned with social status right now, but be unable to assert herself. She can still manage a smile and things will move forward.

At 9:40pm Venus at 5:36 Capricorn Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 5:36 Aquarius.

With this aspect she has optimism and healing to help her achieve her career/political goals. Jupiter is bringing this optimism to groups and social media. He may be bringing some legal matters as well. But now Venus can circulate in career/political circles and feel more confident.

Wednesday, Jan 13

At 12:00am the Moon at 23:13 Capricorn Conjuncts the Sun at 23:13 Capricorn creating the annual New Moon in Capricorn.

With the Full Moon following the New Moon in this Sign, it is a bit of a late start for all political, governmental, corporate and career goals. We have been seeing a lot of things happen in this area of our lives and now we actually have the official start for our new goals.

At 1:57am the Sun at 23:18 Capricorn Quintiles Chiron at 5:18 Aries.

When the Sun and Chiron meet, it is an opportunity to choose gratitude for the wounding clarity that we have. Seeing someone else’s wounding allows us to understand its purpose and we can get clear about our Soul’s frailty being what makes us human. Overcoming that wounding occurs when we are in 5D and don’t really feel any of the old wounding pain. That is possible right now. Take this nugget of clarity and use it when you need it down the road.

At 6:02am Mars at 3:05 Taurus Squares Saturn at 3:05 Aquarius.

Mars in Taurus is going to be making Squares to the Aquarian Stellium that Mercury was recently Conjunct. Right now our mental ideas are running counter to our motivations. We are motivated by our desires to earn, acquire and touch. But Saturn has us feeling less like socializing so we may not encounter the people we need to succeed with our motivations. Saturn is inhibiting our usual feelings of freedom. Mars in Taurus is stuck in Fixed Earth energy where it is harder to act in his usual heroic fashion. Our ‘go’ and our ‘stop’ energies are challenging each other.

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