Jupiter Square Uranus/Emergency Broadcast? – Jan 17/18

Sunday, Jan 17, EST

At 5:49pm Jupiter at 6:44 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 6:44 Taurus.

Emergency broadcast. Interrupted broadcast. Hard, expansive revelation. The ‘truth’ stings at first. Group awakening. Friction of the Square creates growth. Changed values within groups and across social media. Mental clash of values. Uranus rules Jupiter as Jupiter Transit his Sign of Aquarius. There is a LOT of quickening that can happen here. And it will likely show across social media. Uranus/Aquarius rules electrical things so disruption in on-line and broadcasting (which Jupiter rules) is likely. TOO MUCH social media is a big possibility. Best to get centered and allow the awareness in on your own. Exactly how this plays out will be for you to process the large amount of inspiration, shock and awe and higher consciousness. This is NOT a tough aspect unless you fight awareness. It will be revelatory.

This may be the big EAS some are waiting for. On Feb 17 Saturn will Square Uranus and that is going to be likely more challenging as it involves ‘restriction’ rather than ‘expansion’ of ideas and electrical systems.

Monday, Jan 18

At 1:44am Mars at 5:26 Taurus Semi-Sextiles Chiron at 5:26 Aries.

A minor aspect, but Mars does rule Chiron Transiting his Sign of Aries. Taurus is some Healing energy so allow your beautiful actions to help you with any insecurity. Mars is very tight to Uranus now so there is some Soul Awareness that can be mixing with our actions and motivations as well. Watch for acting before thinking over the next few days.

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