Sun Into Aquarius & Mars Conjuncts Uranus – Jan 19/20

Tuesday, Jan 19, EST

At 3:40pm the Sun Ingresses Aquarius.

Where the Sun goes, there is our reality. We get clear about things in that Sign and we begin a month of focus on the areas of life that Sign rules. Now it is Aquarius which rules: social network, networking and socializing, groups, electricity, currency, philanthropy, unexpected, shocking, out-of-the-blue, inventions, bizarre things, aliens/intergalactic, God-like revelation. The Sun here will bring these things into focus and make our goals in these areas REAL. We can become clear and SEE into these areas of life for the next 30 days. Aquarius also rules our hopes, wishes and dreams.

Wednesday, Jan 20

At 3:00am the Sun reaches 0:29 Aquarius where the Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction of Dec 21 exacted. We could have some clarity around our Interpersonal Relationships and the new 20-year cycle these 2 Planets initiated.

At 11:57am Saturn at 3:56 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 18:56 Pisces.

This is the 2 Karmic Planets meeting in an ‘irritating’ aspect, quasi-Karmic aspect. Not really helpful given all the other things going on right now. There is some dissolving of structures, confusion around authority and the usual push-pull of Karma: someone trying to control or restrict, while the other is seeking to avoid. Use of ‘gas’ (Neptune) is possible to stop (Saturn) crowds (Aquarius).

At 1:04pm Mercury at 18:56 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 18:56 Pisces.

This is a more productive aspect that will reveal what Neptune is dissolving. We will be speaking about things that are hidden from view. With Mercury in Aquarius, it can be unexpected communication. We may shock someone by revealing hidden things.

At 3:38pm Mars at 6:44 Taurus Conjuncts Uranus at 6:44 Taurus.

This is ‘unexpected aggression’ with groups. Mars in Taurus does find it harder to accomplish his quick action though because Taurus is Fixed Earth energy. So stubbornness is often a big part of this combination. But anytime Mars and Uranus meet we are ‘accident-prone.’ Mars acts before thinking and Uranus’ revelation and inspiration can have his acting too quickly with unexpected results. It can also be revelation to the individual into the crown-chakra (Mars rules the head) that opens up ingenious solutions to any problem. Clashes are likely. Though some will use the inspiration to act quickly enough to prevent ‘accidents.’ Unexpected philanthropy and giving can happen as well.

At 3:38pm Mercury at 19:05 Aquarius Trines the North Node at 19:05 Gemini.

This exacts at exactly the same time as the above aspect! Uranus rules Mercury offering some unexpected ideas that can help Mars with his actions to hit the target adroitly. We can communicate via the social network in easy ways that assist in our local community efforts. Revelatory speech for ‘freedom’ can spark those around you to make plans.

At 4:01pm the Moon at 1:02 Taurus Squares the Sun at 1:02 Aquarius creating the First (Waxing) Quarter Moon.

Here we can SEE how we FEEL about our social networks, electrical needs and our available resources.

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