Saturn Ses-Squares the North Node – Jan 21

At 7:17pm Saturn at 4:07 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 19:04 Gemini.

This aspect puts Saturn in a Semi-Square to the South Node. Saturn and the South Nodes point to multiple lifetime lessons. There is some irritation today around your wisdom, optimism, global and big picture philosophy and good fortune. But but adjusting your approach to doing things local, simply and with your community you can create an ease that resonates with some Karmic resolution. Saturn in Aquarius is limiting our circulation and socializing again. He is holding us response-able to what ideas we put out there in social media. Bring your spiritual knowledge down into practical terms to truly get the lesson offered.

Saturn is Transiting the US’s 8th House by Sun Sign. Yes, structures (Saturn) around our social network and maybe even wifi soon (Aquarius) are being destroyed in order to be transformed (8th House ruled by Pluto). And banking structures are in the same shape at the moment. It is very similar energy to the Jan 12, 2020 Saturn/Pluto Conjunction but that occurred in Capricorn, in the US’s 7th House of open enemies by Sun Sign. Aquarius rules freedom and the US’s South Node is at 6:36 Aquarius. Jupiter crossed over the US’s South Node last week. As Saturn approaches, it will be very interesting.

At 7:47pm Mercury at 20:34 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 5:34 Aries.

Not the easiest of words, but Mercury is in Aquarius and elevated by Uranian energies that shock, but also sanitize any wound that is opens or exposes. Much like removing a bandage. It stings at first, but then feels right. All in all, it needed to be said. Mercury is, however, already in his Shadow, Phase 1 of his upcoming Retrograde cycle. We will be reviewing these words or insecure actions again soon.

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