Right Action, Adjusted Desires, Clear Goals & WHO is restricting us? Jan 23

Saturday, Jan 23, EST – This is very busy day affecting all of us.

At 2:49am Mars at 8:00 Taurus Squares Jupiter at 8:00 Aquarius.

Jupiter is helping us achieve good fortune through socializing, networking, social media, freedom and the like. Though Saturn is on Jupiter’s heels creating some of the opposite effect of restriction, authority and watching our careers or social status by NOT doing so much social media. Here though Mars is separating from his meeting with Uranus, which rules Jupiter and Saturn as they Transit through his Sign. Social media is where much of the action is lately. Mars in Taurus is motivated to earn resources and or to act on his newfound values (Taurus) and revelations (courtesy of Uranus). We can be a bit over-the-top today in our actions, but Jupiter in Aquarius is hard to find fault with. So see what your actions reveal to you regarding your Higher-Mind revelations and taking the higher road.

At 2:29pm the Sun at 4:01 Aquarius Semi-Squares Neptune at 19:01 Pisces.

A bit of confusion maybe or what you SEE is shocking, but may also be hidden. Or when you see what Neptune has been dissolving in your life, you may not like what you see all that much.

At 2:49pm Venus at 19:01 Capricorn Sextiles Neptune at 19:01 Pisces.

But our desires for power, authority or social status are working productively with our collective subconscious mind. There is some harmony in pursuit of beauty, resources and values.

At 5:01pm Venus at 19:08 Capricorn Quincunx the North Node at 19:08 Gemini.

Now we need to adjust our desires to better align with our local community and neighbors. Is social status all that important when you are with classmates, siblings, cousins and those in your community? They know you for who you really are. Adjust your desires for power accordingly.

At 5:13pm the Sun at 4:08 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 19:08 Gemini.

Getting clear about our socializing goals will serve us better within our local community. If we adjust our goals to fit the needs of our neighbors, we will enjoy the ease.

At 10:01pm the Sun at 4:20 Aquarius Conjuncts Saturn at 4:20 Aquarius.

Now we can clearly SEE what has been holding us back from socializing as we used to. Which authorities are blocking our goals for more freedom? How can be deal with this restriction? Is it them? Or us? Which groups are FOR social distancing? Which groups are fighting? Where do you stand on this?

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