Sun Squares Mars & Venus Joins the Stellium in Aquarius – Feb 1

Monday, Feb 1, EST

At 5:33am the Sun at 12:47 Aquarius Squares Mars at 12:47 Taurus.

You are motivated to pamper yourself, but you also have some social goals or obligations to consider. You want to pursue your passionate side, but you have some acquaintances you need to spend time with.

At 9:05am Venus Ingresses Aquarius.

Now Venus will join the Aquarius Stellium of Mercury, Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. That is a whole lot of Fixed Air flying around. Venus in Aquarius is sudden attraction, love-at-first-sight, changed desires, unexpected resources, charity or philanthropy. Groups of women or group values are on the agenda for the next month. We will love to mix and mingle. Well, especially after Venus clears Saturn.

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