Personal Revelation & Awareness – Feb 3

If you have been watching the GameStop Short Squeeze that took shape on Jan 28, you may recall the aspects that day were: Venus (assets) Biquintile the North Node in Gemini (the little guys); Venus Conjunct Pluto (my money and yours); and Sun Conjunct Jupiter (luckiest day of the year and Jupiter rules speculation, optimism and the stock market) in Aquarius (leveling the playing field). Quite the event!

With 3 Personal Planets (Sun, Mercury and Venus) and the 2 Interpersonal Planets (Jupiter and Saturn) in Aquarius, we can expect the unexpected to affect us personally and to affect key relationships as well as groups and social media. Awareness, change, shock and awe and inspiration are all hallmark of Aquarian energy. As well as personal freedom, group-think and equality for all.

At 1:22am Mercury Rx at 25:17 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 25:17 Capricorn.

A minor aspect and Mercury’s 2nd Semi-Sextile to Pluto so far into his Retrograde cycle. The 1st aspect was on Jan 26. So now we are reviewing thoughts, ideas and words from that ‘day’. It has to do with more equalization (Aquarius) of shared resources (Pluto) and groups as well as the power-brokers or financial backers. How have your plans changed or been revised?

At 2:19pm Mercury Rx at 24:54 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 6:54 Taurus.

Uranus rules Mercury Transiting his Sign of Aquarius. There is plenty of inspiration, change and awareness in the air. It is magical and very 5D. This is also the 2nd Quintile Mercury has made to Uranus during his Rx cycle. The 1st was on Jan 26, early am. There is some review of the revelations spoken or heard at that time. More ideas and awareness around available resources, groups and keeping things equal and just. It is effortless to realize some needed changes and to accept them.

At 10:03pm Venus at 3:11 Aquarius Ses-Squares the North Node at 18:11 Gemini.

On Jan 28, Venus made a double-magic aspect to the NN in Gemini on the day of the GameStop streak. Now she is making an adjustment that results in some ease. But she is in a different Sign now, of Aquarius. So there can be change around resources in favor of more equality and favoring the ‘little guy’. But in Aquarius, the change will be realized and ease is found. Changed desires in your local community. Donating some of your resources to others less fortunate is possible. You may have a sudden realization that things need to be more equal, just and fair and respond accordingly. Or you could be on the receiving end.

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