Two Ships Passing in Aquarius – Feb 8/9

As the Inferior Conjunction of Mercury and the Sun occurred earlier this morning, we are still in their combined energy of being ‘in sync’ of our goals and our conscious world. Now they pass each other and make the aspects the other made on Sunday.

At 6:35pm Mercury Rx at 19:32 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 19:32 Pisces.

A minor but productive aspect what puts our conscious mind and our subconscious mind working together productively. Someone who been on your mind could just call you, text, write, etc. Or you may see someone you haven’t seen in a while. Mercury in Aquarius is about surprises too. Look for it to be some acquaintance that you realize now you needed to connect up with. It could be a replay of Jan 20 and you are now reviewing things you saw, spoke or realized at that time.

Tuesday, Feb 9, EST

At 6:01am Saturn at 6:16 Aquarius Sextiles Chiron at 6:16 Aries.

This is a helpful aspect between any Karmic fear and Soulful wounding. Saturn has us feeling less social and Chiron has us insecure, unmotivated and afraid to assert ourselves (thus the mask wearing for many or calls of ‘racism’ abounds). Maybe today we can have some awareness of our own fear to socialize is BECAUSE we don’t want someone calling us ‘names’ (a very Aries area of ruler-ship).

At 2:53pm the Sun at 21:17 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 6:17 Aries.

Here we can have some clarity around the insecurity that is affecting our social goals and purpose. Whenever the Sun meets Chiron, gratitude is the best option. We can see with awareness right now and just move through the irritation. No one to blame here, it is just the energy and our Souls having an experience.

Mercury Rx just made this aspect to Chiron on Sunday morning. Words then were likely to irritate a bit, but now we can see the real source of them is Soulful and find gratitude.

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