Magical Clarifying Revelation & More – Feb 13

At 2:48am Mercury Rx at 14:42 Aquarius Conjuncts Venus at 14:42 Aquarius.

Jan 17, Mercury made his 1st pass to this degree and minute. Now Venus will be showing us our desires around things expressed or thought at that time. Venus in Aquarius is a social butterfly. Everyone wants to meet her and touch her. Mercury is steeped in Aquarian Higher-Minded energy and operating from a 5D perspective that is not his usual style. We are inspired and electrified and it shows in our beauty, our grace, our smile and our values.

At 9:42am the Sun at 25:07 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 7:07 Taurus.

Uranus rules the Sun Transiting through his Sign of Aquarius so there is loads of awareness, revelation, change, inspiration, philanthropy, freedom-loving ideals, equality and sharing going on. Uranus in Taurus over the last few years has been shaking up our available resources, earned income, beauty and values. He is equalizing resources globally and has us desiring this for all. The Sun is setting new goals around groups, social network/media allowing us to see how to apply our inspired revelation to our path forward. The Quintile makes this energy effortless.

At 9:13pm Mars at 19:43 Taurus Sextiles Neptune at 19:43 Pisces.

Mars is leading the train of Major Planets from Capricorn to Taurus. Our motivations are to earn a living, pursue beauty or luxury, reach out and touch someone, massage someone or act on our values. This Sextiles means that Mars can pursue his passions without hesitation or subconscious fear. Mars isn’t all that fond of Taurean Fixed Earth energy, though, because it DOES make for slower headway. He can become frustrated or feel stuck. But Neptune is offering him some sense of contentment with the situation and that makes the going easier.

At 9:34pm the Sun at 25:37 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 25:37 Capricorn.

Pluto is in new territory since he left 25:00 Capricorn, the point in which he Stationed Retrograde last year. Since Jan 25, he has been bringing up new forms of misuse of power and abuse from politicians and those in authority: governments, banks and corporations. Pluto’s highest, 5D expression is to bring about transparency so that our systems of authority have integrity imbedded in their fiber. For the individual, Pluto seeks to force us to take back our personal sovereignty rather than to submit to false authority and fraudulent practices. The Sun and Pluto started a new cycle on Jan 14, with their Conjunction at 24:38 Capricorn. The Sun has only Transited 31 degrees from that point making a minor aspect to Pluto. But the Sun in Aquarius is clarifying revelation and so we may be seeing clearly some of the transformation Pluto is calling us to.

The US’s Natal Pluto is at 27:33 Capricorn and Pluto will Retrograde this Apr 27 at 25:48 Capricorn. We are nearing our Pluto Return and you can feel the return to some 1776 energies. We the People need to take back our personal sovereignty and can hopefully do this without bloodshed. That is the goal. The Sun is in the Sign of freedom and equality. The US is the Land of the Free (Uranus Opposite US Ascendant) and Home of the Brave (Cancer with with 6th House Ascendant in Sagittarius). Can we hold to our highest ideas? We will feel this transformative process overtake us for the next 2 years.

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