Mercury Rx Meets Jupiter & Venus Trine the NN – Feb 14/15

At 4:39pm Mercury Rx at 13:21 Aquarius Conjuncts Jupiter at 13:21 Aquarius.

A whole lot of revelatory speech, inspiration, ideas, spiritual philosophy expressed suddenly. Mercury is in review, though his 1st Conjunction to Jupiter on Jan 11 at 5:16 Aquarius occurred ahead of his Retrograde Shadow. So its as if they begin a new cycle, however, with this Conjunction. Mercury will Conjunct Jupiter again on Mar 4 at 17:33 Aquarius. Mercury being Rx right now isn’t a major factor as he is bathed in 2 Higher-Mind Planetary energies (Jupiter/Aquarius). But to have these 2 energies manifest into our conscious and seen world is a great thing. We get to SEE Jupiter and Aquarius energies elevate our seen world. Do pay attention to all you see and hear today as it is most revealing, uplifting and benevolent. Is it little wonder that Trump was acquitted Saturday as this aspect was applying? Jupiter rules legal matters. Aquarius rules fairness and equality and freedom. Mercury delivers the announcement. Yes, there is double-mindedness with Mercury involved, but with Jupiter and Aquarius, the legal decision is fair and just.

Keep in mind, Mar 4 has been mentioned by various Trump-supporting types as a ‘big day’… it WILL BE. As Mercury and Jupiter Conjunct at 17:33 Aquarius they will be Trine Trump’s Natal Uranus at 17:54 Gemini in his 1st House (self, purpose, goals) by Sun Sign and his 10th House (public reputation, social status, political authority) by Rising Sign. Both Mercury and Jupiter will continue through a Trine to Trump’s Stellium in Gemini: Mean and True North Node at 20:48, 20:54; and Sun at 22:56 Gemini. Unexpected fortunate words around shared resources (Mercury and Jupiter in US’s 8th House of shared resources, debts, loans) as well as unexpected legal awareness or settlements are all possible.

Monday, Feb 15

At 12:09am Venus at 17:05 Aquarius Trines the North Node at 17:05 Gemini.

Venus is right now on the degree of the Mar 4 Conjunction of Mercury to Jupiter for the 3rd time. She is showing us our desires around things that will manifest at that time. This puts the NN on Trump’s Natal Uranus. He is being Soulfully pressured to follow his revelation. We are being Soulfully-pressured to do things in our local community that are supportive of Aquarian higher-ideals to ‘save the world’. Philanthropy is a good thing with this aspect. Charity and giving without any thought of return. Socializing in groups or via social media is especially refined and beautiful in its results to build community. Gemini is the Sign of double-mindedness, but the North Node is holding us to SEE this polarity and duality and see through it to ensure personal freedom while working in groups as well.

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