Collapse of the Old Guard – Feb 17

At 5:00am Venus at 19:49 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Neptune at 19:49 Pisces.

A minor, but helpful, aspect allowing us to ‘touch’ acquaintances and people we may just be meeting for the first time. Venus rules the mouth, which we have been covering with a mask. She may allow us some reprieve today as Aquarius, ruled by Uranus, can bring awareness and Neptune in a productive aspect brings no fear and a supportive feel to it. We desire our freedom today to socialize and we are more settled about finding our own path without fear.

At 8:17am Mars at 21:39 Taurus Semi-Squares Chiron at 6:39 Aries.

Mars rules Chiron in Aries and so our usual motivation is down and our aggression may be up… Chiron brings wounding around all things ‘Mars/Aries’ which includes ‘name-calling.’ Get used to this for it is with us for a while yet. This irritation between Chiron in his own Sign and Mars trying to move through Taurus’s Fixed Earth and we may have a weakened motivation around a few areas of our lives. Thankfully it is fairly fast-moving. We are motivated to earn a living, but wearing a mask is a downer. Or we want to be beautiful but shopping for a mask isn’t really a great answer either. Can we lose all of the insecurity we are feeling? Can we push through it? Maybe the next aspect is going to change things up.

At 2:08pm Saturn at 7:14 Aquarius Squares Uranus at 7:14 Taurus.

This IS a game-changer. If the game is authority or control, there is going to be some shake-up around it. If it has to do with electrical things or ‘power-outages’, this aspect is the cause. But there is awareness coming from it too. What was the real ‘source’ of these outages? Can we unearth the truth (Uranus in Taurus)? And whose heads (Saturn rules authority and power) are gonna roll? There is a creative answer to what is going to change and be unearthed right now. It could come across social media or through online enterprises. Awareness is going to CHANGE some power structures or shake loose those ‘groups’ (Aquarius) who have had control (Saturn). A CHANGE (Uranus/Aquarius) to the STATUS QUO (Saturn) and the old guard is ON TAP NOW. Its a hard energy, the Square, but it will work its perfect work to FREE us (also Uranus) from restrictive forms of authority (Saturn).

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