Venus Square the Nodes – Mar 9

At 12:08pm Venus at 15:11 Pisces Squared the North Node at 15:11 Gemini.

Your desires are hidden and hanging in the balance of your local community vs global community or simple ideas vs spiritual and philosophical perspectives. Venus is fine to be out of the limelight while her values are being realigned as she Transits Pisces. But her values are being challenged by her intellectual capacity or those of her neighbors.

At 9:10pm Mercury at 22:44 Aquarius Semi-Squares Chiron at 7:44 Aries.

Words could hurt a bit though Aquarian energy offers some antiseptic for any wounding. You may find you are insecure in mingling with a group or with acquaintances. Or you express your ideas to a group and someone shuts you down and gets in your face. Keep your mind open to the awareness that is possible.

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