Sun Conjunct Neptune – Mar 10

At 7:01pm the Sun at 20:38 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 20:38 Pisces.

All day you may have had some clarity coming in around the areas of your life where things have been hidden from view, intangible or dissolving. The Sun shines light through Neptune’s fog. He is slowly removing some things in your life and you can maybe see what that is today. Its a good feeling to finally have some clarity. You may have sought to have your own space in order to be alone with your thoughts though looking at them tends to chase them away. You just need to ‘be’ for the moment and allow your new goals and purpose to be revealed to you. It is still just a nudge or a vague, shadowy outline of something, but deep down you know something is shaping out though certainly not defined.

Right now Neptune is just 10 minutes from exacting his 3rd Square to Donald J Trump’s North Node at 20:48 Gemini. Neptune is within a 3 degree orb of a Square to Trump’s Natal Sun at 22:58 Gemini. Neptune will exact his 1st Square to Trump’s Sun at 27 May just following the Lunar Eclipse of May 26 at 5:26 Sagittarius. Gemini is the US’s 12th House by Sun Sign. NOT SEEING Trump is a trend that is likely to continue for a while. Though there will be aspects that allow him to ‘be seen’ and we will look for those.

On top of this, the US will continue through its Neptune Opposition when Transiting Neptune reaches 20:25 and Opposes the US Natal Neptune at 20:25 Virgo for the 3rd time. Things can be pretty shaky, confusing and require a spiritual faith to guide you through the dissolving of the US legal system (Pisces is the US’s 9th House by Sun Sign) and broadcasting changes. But Neptune is just a 1 degree orb of separating from the US’s Black Moon Lillith at 19:28 Virgo. Though BML’s tight orb to the US’s Neptune will keep that energy very much in play. Virgo is the US’s 3rd House of ‘seen’ reality, communication, thoughts, ideas, etc. We must use faith to move through all of these deceptive, dreamy, confusing, delusional energies.

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