Socializing & the New Moon in Pisces – Mar 12/13

Friday, Mar 12, EST

At 4:16pm Mercury at 26:05 Aquarius Quintiles Uranus at 8:05 Taurus.

This is great energy for socializing, talking with strangers and making new acquaintances. You could have lots of unexpected invitations for getting out and about. Or you may pursue a wonderful evening in while pampering yourself. You may find yourself ‘gifting’ someone all of a sudden. The energy is electrifying, inspiring, maybe a bit shocking or even bizarre, but it shakes you out of your rut. Mercury is very near his Retrograde Station of 26:29 on Jan 30 so it is very likely some final word, thought or idea dealing with something from that time.

At 6:53pm Venus at 19:17 Pisces Semi-Sextiles Jupiter at 19:17 Aquarius.

This is the 2 Healing Planets meeting in a productive aspect so its likely to really amp up your socializing success notch. Women are likely to be out and about though they have been a bit reclusive lately. You can feel very fortunate, beautiful and like reaching out to touch someone in a positive way.

At 8:41pm Mercury at 26:18 Aquarius Semi-Sextiles Pluto at 26:18 Capricorn.

Where earlier you were all about socializing, now you may find yourself being more serious about meeting some career goal as you mingle. Maybe there is a way to climb the ladder a bit as you seek some rungs to greater success.

Saturday, Mar 13

At 5:31am the Moon at 23:04 Pisces Conjuncts the Moon at 23:04 Pisces creating the annual New Moon in Pisces.

This is a powerful New Moon as it Squares the Dec 14 Solar Eclipse at 23:08 Sagittarius. This is the point where we see how we are doing with the ‘Fresh Start’ energy the Eclipse promised and what we have left to wrap it all up into a nice little package before the Solar Eclipse of Jun 10 at 19:47 Gemini.

The New Moon always heralds a ‘fresh start’ of the Sign’s energies for the next month. In Pisces we are dissolving our old ‘goals and purpose’ to make way for new goals and purpose over the next year. We are looking at ways to move through the dissolving energy where things are not concrete and solid. We are working on faith and knowing and trusting as we move forward.

As for the US and the Solar Eclipse from Dec 14, what we SEE and FEEL today will show us some hidden legal matters (Pisces is 9th House by Sun Sign) or allow us to have some optimism that things can resolve over the next few months in a more satisfactory way.

At 6:32am the Sun at 23:07 Pisces Semi-Squares Uranus at 8:07 Taurus.

A Semi-Square can irritate, but with Uranus its also a useful irritation. Something in our goals and purpose need to change a bit to embrace some awareness around resources and our personal values. Let the unexpected in and you will find you are able to see more ahead of you right now and that is only going to help.

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