All About the Mars – Mar 17/18

Wednesday, Mar 17, EST

At 12:43pm Venus at 25:09 Pisces Semi-Squares Saturn at 10:09 Aquarius.

An irritation between our hidden desires and some authority we just met or someone in social media or who leads a group. We want what we want, but we need to restrict our own desires for the sake of the group right now. Or you may have expected some financial help that has been delayed. This is fast-moving so not to worry much.

At 11:35pm Mars at 8:12 Gemini Sextiles Chiron at 8:12 Aries.

A helpful aspect around initiating communication. Mars rules Chiron right now so there is plenty of action involved. Insecurity is Chiron in Aries. But the Sextile helps the energy to be productive.

Thursday, Mar 18, AM

At 12:30am Mars reaches 8:14 and Opposes the US’s Natal Ascendant at 8:14 Sagittarius.

There could be a broadcast of some action taken by first responders, or some healthcare actions taken. The US’s Natal Uranus is at 8:55 Gemini so Mars is applying to exact his Conjunction with Uranus. Unexpected broadcast or communication is possible. Or simply unexpected revelation in our local communities that spur us to action.

At 4:48am Mars at 8:20 Gemini Semi-Sextiles Uranus at 8:20 Taurus.

Mars is sitting between Soul (Chiron) awareness (Uranus) all day and now we get the revelation side of things. Inspired action. Unexpected communication. We could pursue some desires unexpectedly. We could find ourselves acting in a bizarre or shocking manner. This can shake things up in a way that Mars can appreciate.

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