Mars Square & Mars Conjunct the North Node – Mar 25/26

Thursday, Mar 25, EST

At 1:50am Mercury at 13:27 Pisces Squared the Nodes of Fate at 13:27 Gemini/Sagittarius.

This was likely some indecision around whether to travel near or far, make a road trip to see some siblings or go on a short vacay. Your plans were likely up in the air and hesitation ruled all parties. As I write this, it is STILL affecting my ‘travel’ plans to go see my mom (an hour away), etc. She was avoiding (procrastination, but not wanting to put me out, I know) it, so that made that easy. What was your plans that got thwarted due to a ‘senior’ or sibling? How did you eventually decide to do about it?

Friday, Mar 26

At 2:58am the Sun at 5:51 Aries Conjuncts Venus at 5:61 Aries.

We can get CLEAR (Sun) about our DESIRES or VALUES (Venus) and take the best ACTION (Aries) to pursue our new GOALS (Sun). A very helpful day as both Planets are approaching Chiron at 8+ Aries right now. The Sun and Venus will make Aries really stand-out for their beauty and like-ability. They will smile more.

At 11:37am Mars at 13:15 Gemini Conjuncts the North Node at 13:15 Gemini.

This is already applying and so I was thinking I would just take off tomorrow to go see my mom and surprise her because she doesn’t want to ‘put me out’. That would be a good thing to do today… Get in the CAR (Gemini) and GO (Mars) SEE (Gemini is 3rd Sign of seen/conscious world) a SENIOR (South Node in Sagittarius). Hesitation will be gone and all lights will turn GREEN. You are likely to have some aggressive communication or a male sibling or classmate may initiate some discussion with you.

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