Venus & Sun Semi-Square Jupiter – Mar 27

At 7:45am Venus at 7:20 Aries Semi-Squares Jupiter at 22:20 Aquarius.

Any aspect to Jupiter is rarely rough. A Semi-Square can usually irritate, but with the 2 Healing Planets in aspect, it may not be so at all. Venus in Aries is motivated to acquire. Jupiter in Aquarius is bringing optimism to groups through some fixed ideas around freedom and equality. So you may want to act on your own (Aries), but find you can do more through optimism or with communal help.

At 5:01pm the Sun at 7:24 Aries Semi-Squares Jupiter at 22:24 Aquarius.

Now the Sun makes the same aspect to Jupiter bringing us some clarity around the values we were pursuing earlier. We can see our personal goals (Sun in Aries) and there may be a bit of irritation as the group has their own fixed ideas. Its pretty fast-moving energy and optimism will soothe the irritation.

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