Sun Follows Venus & Mercury Conjuncts Neptune – Mar 28/29

Sunday, Mar 28, EST, PM

At 9:46pm the Sun at 8:36 Aries Quintiles Pluto at 26:36 Capricorn.

The Sun follows Venus through the same aspects she just made on Sunday morning. The Sun brings clarity while Venus showed us our values, what we attract or are attracted to. In Aries, our desires were personal to us and now the clarity will be revealing us personal goals and motivation. This magical aspect to Pluto will show us how our actions are received my authority-types and we can easily gain some support from them. Or we will see ways to further our career goals through our personal willpower.

Monday, Mar 29

At 4:09am the Sun at 8:51 Aries Conjuncts Chiron at 8:51 Aries.

Its hard to separate each of these aspect right now as they are so tightly exacting. So there is some merging that needs to be done. Here we can SEE why so many are hiding behind masks due to insecurity. Or calling each other names for the same reason. Aries rules the First House, self-assertion and first impression (aka our name). Chiron brings up some wounding here. This is the placement creating all of this ‘racism’ name-calling and lack of motivation. So we may SEE how our insecurity and lack of motivation is affecting our personal goals and purpose.

At 4:33am the Sun at 8:53 Aries Semi-Sextile Uranus at 8:53 Taurus.

Here Uranus gives us a flash of desire for personal freedom! Or a need to get out and socialize. The Sun may show you that the mask is not really a fashion trend that you want to keep. Or it could show you how you are holding yourself back in some way. Or you may have some inspiration around ways to acquire that you haven’t pursued yet, but need to.

At 11:24pm Mercury at 21:21 Pisces Conjuncts Neptune at 21:21 Pisces.

Mercury is elevated out of 3D while Transiting through Pisces, ruled by Neptune which is a Higher-Minded Planet. So our words are coming from deep within the repository of all human experience. You could speak some things that are quite profound to someone. You will likely reveal some of what Neptune is dissolving in your life right now and add this to your new conscious reality.

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